“We remained” – ♥43♥

A bit to stare us, like this, without say  nothing.  
Our bodies got relaxed: the small contractions were fading, and we were looking at us straight in our eyes, and we were throwing away air from lungs each time even the smallest emotion was touching both.

That floating silence, seemed the calm after the storm, and in someways we were spreading it in all Blue City, even standing in that small storage room at the bottom of that dark alley.

We hadn’t pronnounced a word yet.
Everything what we wanted express it was in the air, and seemed that it wanted swallowed us. 
If we were moving, maybe we would have unbalenced everything in that city as soon reborn.

Slowly you have lifted more my skirt to exit outside me, and just one latest unintentional contraction of me has held back you inside, but then i left you go, not before that you have whispred me in a ear: “It has been everything so marvellous… to see you before, then after…”
While i was closing the eyes, for the latest time i have guided your hand between my legs, and you made me moan just one more time.
I wanted crowned that moment with another moan that was merging with with an old ones, and it has been like this.
It seemed us to see a small vortex that was embracing that thread of voice, and it was bringing it away. 

Even if  that room was a simply a storage, it was containing one big part of the magic of Blue City, and even if we didn’t wanted consciously, to accepted, we knew that it was just thank to us that it was so magical. 
We threw away all the air from the lungs, and looking at  us each other, you coated again.
I settled again on the camp bed, and millions of remember were running fast in my mind. 
I was smiling you, and you given it back to me.

You helped me to got up, and for another endless minute we stared at each other, then whispering me, you said: “Let’s go.”
In someway, we knew that we would had few hours available to remain with our friends.

Acrossing the dark alley, just one thought was hammering our heads: maybe we had wrong to ask Lizard to give us the key of the storage room, and remain there. 
But when we arrived in front to the fuchsia’s bush, we remained breathless.

To the Bill’s local were missing real small finishing touch, and even the inhabitants were breathless, and just few creatures had understood what was happened. 
Lizard as soon has seen us, he came next to us, and giving a double pat on your shoulders, and he said: “Just like old time uh?”, and i blushed like a watermelon: i knew what he wanted mean, and i tightened your hand, and you smiled at me. 

Making me sat just in front of the same table where we sat always, you left me there with Mantis, and you went to help the others.
The Chameleon woman has came to us with a tray with some glasses a trasparent bottle of  Luminiscent.
The two creatures were staring at me, who looking at you with the heart that was beating strong. 

Mantis smiled.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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