“In that” – ♥42♥

Storage room seemed  was everything suspended, like we have left it, and that few air thread that entering across the door, were moving only those little memoir that in someways, were remained prisoned there.
We looked at us around, one embrace another, and we seemed still enchanted by those sensations were sorrounded everything. 

Despite we had a moral obbligation toward our friends, our desire to remain there, was stronger than other thing.

We remained enveloped by what those walls were trasmitting us: if we got attention, we could still hear our moaning, when here, we have consumed many instants of our purest passion. 

Sweetly you have accompanied me on the cot, and together little by little, we have started to look at each other, almost without breathe.
All in a sudden, the sound of the Whale has underlined with the most sweet sound, in which you, delicately, have started to soft touch my blue skirt for arrive to touch my legs, over the knees, and slowly we haven’t understand if those moanings we were starting to listening to were only, those were new ones, or were old ones that were merging with those new ones.

I closed the eyes, not before to have looked at you, and feeling your hands on my legs that slowly were enlarging them, and feeling your finger explore what was between. 
The rough rustle of my skirt was in contrast of what you was touching inside me, that little by little was becoming velvety, and wet.

You was enjoyed just looking at me, who was moaning, and for the pleasure you was giving me, i had lost each control: a thread of saliva was sliding out from my mouth, and you kissing me, you have swallowed it.
Slowly you have lay me on the ground on the big white blanket.

All our passion was concetrated in those few minutes. 
You was realizing that i was reaching the orgasm, and you have increased the velocity. 
In someway, even you, was reaching the pleasure, just looking at me, and when you have feel my little contractions delicately holding your finger, you have looked at me, while i was reaching the peak with the closed eyes, and you have whisper my name, and in those instants i opened them, and my orgasm has exploed meeting in your glance the real fusion of our souls. 

It seemed that everything around us was being chased by something bigger, and even our heart were beating strong, but just after this union, everything got calm down, and it seemed that all  got restarted from that instant.  
It was a sensation that we had forget, but little by little, we were making our it own again. 

We  laid on the blanket, and what we were feeling were still my fliuds that were impregnanting the small room. 
It was a scent you wanted making your, and in some way, you wanted to taste directly from the source.

I was still in a state of grace, and sincerely i haven’t understood what you was about to do. You left me there alone, but when you have lifting more up the blue skirt, and you have sighed “I want it more”, i had a glimmer of what you was about to do, and when i felt your lips that were licking me among the legs just there, i lost the head, and at that point, i been me that i wanted felt you inside me. 

With just a gaze straight our eyes i made you understand you what i wanted, and delicatelly roughly, you have penetratred me, and always faster, my fliuds were merged with your, and finally you have reached me by coming in my second orgasm.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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