“We threw away” – ♥41♥

The air from the lungs, while we looking at us around, and we were looking at the small changes that they had done in Blue City. 

That one has impressed us much, has been how they had changed the manhole, source of many baddest memoir, in, maybe the most beautiful the big flowerbed of the city, and while we were staring at it, without realizing at unison with Mantis, we have say: “From the shit can be born just only beautiful thing”, and in fact it has been what she said immediately, almost in a sigh: “It’s what we have thought everybody, as soon we have begun to clean it. All that rottenness, in someways, it has been helpful, but we have still much to do” she said.

We were still looking at the two plaques, and in those, we have felt all their determination to get back Blue City, the city that what was one time: still more beautiful, and more efficent than before.

In her words we had, already understood, that a likely transfer in the next hours in our world, it wasn’t to make in count.
We looked at each other a bit discouraged, but it was the case to attempt to. 

As soon you was about to ask it to Mantis, i understood that useless, and i’ve tightened your hand: immediately you turned the face toward me, and i just slowly made you a negative sign with the head.
In your glance was the questions that everybody would be ask themselves: “Why?”
Looking at me around, i was replying you in silence: “It’s here that they have always lived, and now they are rebuilding all their lives in each single brick that they are putting on: they are putting all their passion, and i believe if you ask Mantis to leave Blue City, she would say Ok, but she would do with a broken heart. I know, she is very grateful to us, as Lizard the Chameleon Woman: they would say yes immediately, just to don’t hurt our feelings… Look what they had done in all these period that we were got back in Our Parallel World.”

Our eletric shocks were running fast cross our minds, and indicating you the grandeur of The Turquoise Building, you have looked at me, and in that fragment of second, my silent words had have a sense, and while Mantis explained everything what had designed to do, indicating us new places, and new buildings that they would have build, you was looking at me, like this, breathless.
“It’s so beautiful everything what everybody are doing to make again Blue City, the city  it was before.” I said looking at you who have nodded. 

Almost arrived next her boutique, you got slow down, and you tightened me strong the hand. I looked at you, and slowly
i perceived your heart was beating always faster, and when we approached to the Bill local, just Lizard made you a simple question.
“By chance, do you want see it?” Lizard  had understood immediately where you wanted go. 
He pulled out something small from his raincoat, and he murmered something else to you. 
I was looking at the other creatures, and occassionally sharing some jokes with Ram and Stu.

Delicately you softly touched my hand, and with that voice that i couldn’t resist, you said me: “Come with me.”
We went out from the crowded local, and we made us space among who was bringing away useless junk. 

As soon we turned the corner of the Bill local, we both stopped, and it has growth inside us a sensation, that little by little, has isolated us. 
We remebered that dark long alley and his strange atmosphere, each time we had crossed it till the end, till the small lamp over the heavy door. 
We were crossing it again. Our hearts were starting to beat always faster, when we have crossed the small entrance with those stairs of the apartment of the Chameleon woman. for a bit we have remembered the very first time we had seen her, but it was only a quick flashback. 

When we arrived at the end of that alley, nothing was changed: same graffiti on the wall that made corner, and same water spot in front of the door. 
For a long second we stared at each other, and we threw away the air from the lungs: while you was putting the key insde the keyhole, have sighed: “They hasn’t touched nothing, Lizard cleaned it just from the dust.”

Slowly you have opened it, and immediately the light inside turned on, and it was like we have remebember it.
The squared window, the blue curtain, the white round table, the structures in iron one of the opposite another, the heater, the white big blanket on the floor, the bed camp, and those emotions were quickly resurfacing.

Slowly you approached to me: delicately you have tightened my hips, and you have pulled me toward you. 
Our lips were softly touched.

We got back in our storage room.”


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