“They had know” – ♥40♥

What we were talking about without say nothing. We would have wanted say goodbye to everybody, one by one  after that hard battle against Zora to thank who, like Mantis had put their life in danger to help us to across the bordelines that had made impassable Blue City. 
Without them we believed we didn’t made it, and to see Blue City in her total beauty, it was a show it was leaving us  breathless.

Mantis was our Cicerone, while the inhabitants, after their special greetings, got back to work inside the Bill’s local.
We had walked slowly trought the sidewalk, and seemed she wanted bring us toward a special place: in fact it was like this.
Leaving the Bill local, she said: “I want to show you something”, and without ask we have followed her. 

All the city was brightining of an own light, and all the mold that covered it does existed no longer: we had noticed it, already in front of the Turquoise Building, and it was a point of pride for each citizens of Blue City, but what we hadn’t knew, that one was nothing in comparison of where Mantis was taking us. 
She stopped in the middle of the boulevard, and slowly she moved herself away.
We hadn’t noticed of it before: she had taking us again in front of the Turquoise Building, and just on the opposite side of the building there were two columns with two golden plaques. 
When we approached to read what which was written, everything around has stopped itself.

My heart has  begun to beat strong, and you was breathless.
In one of the plaque it was written:” In memorium of one of the most innocent victim of the Zora empire: None of us should not have bordelines: Thanx Agonizing Tree, we will remember you forever, Blue City inhabitants”, and all in a sudden, those thin small eyes has knocking my mind, and immediately i looked at Mantis, who silent nodded, knowing what i had done for him. 

We looked at each other: we threw away the air from the lungs, and we looked the second plaque, with the breathe in throat: if the first plaque it have moved us, we could just imagine to whom was dedicated that one other.
You was tightening me from behind, and your words were of encouragement. 
You could feel the contractions of my stomach, as much i was holding back the emotions, but we had to do it for him.
For Bill.

Gently you have made slide to the left, and slowly together, we have seen what it was written: “In memorium of Bill: brave till the end. You have sacrified your life for get Blue City a better city. We will be eternally grateful. Blue City inhabitants”, and under that plaque there was another smaller with all names of the citizens, but there were two empty spaces. 

Mantis approached, and in a sigh, she said: “Those empty spaces, we have left like this, for you: in someway, we knew that you would get back one day…” , and she pulled out from her miliitary white coat a tool in which we have would write our names, and automatically, they would be transcript them on that plaque.
You have passed it to me, but i was still touched, i wouldn’t able to write not even a letter.
You sweetly smiled to Mantis, and you have taken the strange tool, and on a transparent plastic sheet, you left your name, and slowly through small lasers your name has been transcripted on the plaque. Breathless i stared you, then you have passed it to me, and slowly i have even signed that small platic sheet, and after few seconds my name was next to your, above all the others. 
“We will  have left forsaken his local, but this is the most important thing we have done in his memorium.”, she said, and she didn’t talk about the plaques, but of the small tool that she had in her thin green arms. 

We smiled her, and slowly together, we got back to stare the two plaques. 
Delicately, you was tightening me against you.”


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