“Inside the shack” – ♥39♥

Was created itself a floating atmosphere.
Among the slots of the sheet metal walls were entering sun rays that were playing with the thin dust, and seemed that they dancing were merging one in another, creating a spiral, in which, in someways we had to being part of it.

We had listened to part of Amber’ speech, and even us, we remained breathless. We had smiled at the end, and one by one of our friends has left the ground in front of the shack, and the real silent was fallen around.
We knew that just Bathuè was remained: you went to check. 
He was sat on one of the rocks in front. With the eyes closed, he seemed, was mediting.
You got back to me on the small brownish couch. 
You pulled out the Fenkuz’ mirror from the pocket of your sweater, and together we had stared it for long.

We had waited for that everything around was perfect. In background we could  hear the continuos flowing of the river, and our hearts went crazy, has begun to beat at unison:, we got up, and we went in front of the silver slab placed under the crooked small mirror. 
The weak sound of the Whale in Blue City, was merging with the soft sound of the river, and our emotions were growing, with each small breathe we were making. 

We seemed to relive the exact moment of our past lives, when, me Witch have taken the flight in the sky, making fallen the small leather bag in front of you, promising you that one day we would meet again.
But this time, making fallen the Fenkuz’ mirror on the silver slab, we were been sucked inside the silver slab, and slowly like in front of a big mirror we  found ourselves, inside Blue City for real, and once again. 

We had as much amplified our visuals of it, that it has been enough unite all our emotions, that we were been projected in the middle of the main boulevard, next to the Turquoise Building.

We remained speechless, as much breathless, but the only thing that has left us stunned, it has been that there was nobody. 
Had we an allucination? Or what we had seen in the shack, it was just fruit of our great desire to meet again our friends, that we had imaginetd everything, and even Blue City has been destroyed? It wasn’t possible.

We looking at us around, starting to walk, while we were lifting the faces to the sky, and the sky was like we remebered it: the liquid sky of Blue City.
From far we could hear the Whale sound, but none signs of her.
We hadn’t understand, but all in a sudden, a small buzz seemed grow, and in that buzz we recognized some familiar voices, and the first creature who came to give us her salute has been the Whale, who jumping in that wonderful liquid sky, she was creating a multitude of rainbows.

At her view, we had threw away the air from the lungs, and now she seemed ask to be followed, and while we followed her, she was singing. 
We had crossed  the empty boulevard, when we had realized that our arrive had created a bubble in which we had left outside everybody, as much we had amplified the visual, and our arrive had enveloped everybody with the same warmth of the previous time, but more lasting that they could not even move themselves. 

Almost arrived to the sidewalk where there was the Mantis’ Boutique, and a bit distant the Bill’s local, i stopped you, when i saw every Blue City citizens in that small corner. There were everybody: Mantis, the Chameleon woman always more fascinating, Lizard, Ram, Stu and his little army: everybody who was helping to get better the Bill’ local, under the supervision of Mantis. 

It seemed i didn’t wanted disturb them, and immediately, you have understand it, putting yourself behind me, embracing me tight, but after a bit you have coughed on porpouse, and everybody has stopped what they had started again to do. 
One by one turned themselves, and they remained stunned, and between them made herself space Mantis followed by Lizard, and the Chameleon woman. 
Mantis looking at us straight in the eyes said: “I was sure that were you…”, and right after she has embraced us with her long thin arms. 
“I missed you” i said her, drying me a small tear from the face. Recovered ourselves again from the big emotion, we have saluted everybody, one by one, and each of them had something to say: somebody thanked us again to have set free Blue City from Zora’s fear empire, and somebody else showed us, how he had get better his life after our battle. 

Our closest friends were arrived for last. 
Lizard giving you some pat, had shyly presented the Chameleon Woman, as her girlfriend, and we have smiled at both them, knowing that it would be born something special among them.

At the end, with a more emotion we entered in the Bill’s local, looking at us around, throwing away the air from the lungs, followed by Mantis who shyly said: “After you have left us, we had to organize once again Blue City from the begin” as if she wanted be forgiven for to have left that local in total forsaken, but when we turnerd ourselves toward her, we looked at her with sweetness.

We were, us who had to be forgiven.”


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