“Everything around” – ♥38♥

Is filling by our small emotions, and it seemed that they were chocking us, and even the little Amber, little by little, was understanding the words that Giant Wolf has softly said to his puppy, and now she was looking us in a different way, and in her face it was printing a sweet smile, and she has turned herself toward Pyr, who had perceived her mood, and he went next to her as if he wanted protect her.

“Their love is the most beautiful thing that this world could receive”
He couldn’t see us, but in those moments of silence, all he could feel was a big warmth that was spreaded in each thing, and in each creatures on that meadow. 
“I can’t see them, but i can see the most beautiful thing  that they have: their souls” he added speaking to Amber, and in those short instants, a sense of tranquillity has pervaded her, and that jelousy slowly gone, and she little by little, she has started to look at me in different way: she begun to look at me and you as being part of one only thing, and she asked to Pyr to continue to tell her our story.

We hadn’t noticed that someone of our  friends were talking among them, as much we were surrounded by those emotions that we had unconciously, spreaded. We were looking at each other, awareness that we were ready to enter in the shack.
When you got up, and then you have stretched your hand to me, everybody present has stopped to do what they were doing, or they has stopped to talk, and they has started to staring us, leaving us go toward the little bridge over the little river, that divided that big meadow, and the sheet metal shack. 

Without say nothing, we had listened to only one phrase echo in all Our Parallel World: “They are ready!” 
They has followed us from from far. The only one who has had the courage to arrive till the sheet metal door, has been Bathuè who with his spear, has made us understand that he was there, if we had need: we only nodded, and we closed the sheet metal door, leaving everybody in suspense.

All the group now was looking at The Big One, who was embaressed: he knew that everybody wanted to hear some assuring words, but he wasn’t able to say nothing, just murmuring something incomprehensible. 
But in his help arrived someone who left everybody speechless, especially The Big One: Amber who started to talk softly.

“It’s true, when i came in this world, i hadn’t understood one thing: the most important, but before, during in those their long instants of silence, i have understand that their love has made them indissoluble one from another. They have faced up to many difficulties, but always together has always won.” 
Fenkuz who was next to Pyr gave him a pat on the shoulder: Pyr recognized him, and to Fenkuz’s pats he replied softly, saying: “I didn’t do anything …” Fenkuz knew, however, that the greater credit was his, he thanked him once again, silently, with another pat.

Amber concluded her speech: “Their love is the most important thing that i’ve learn thanks to the patience of Pyr, and what i felt before is the tangible proof: they cannot be divided by anybody, not even by a jelous creature like i was.
Now we try to make this wonderful place still more marvellous before their return.”
And like this she moved away by The Big One, still speechless, but who right after, he shaked himself, and he get back to give some orders saying: “She has right. Let’s move!”
And one by one, has left the ground in front of the sheet metal shack.

Sat on a rock, the only who remained has been Bathuè.”


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