“We went down” – ♥37♥

And we had decided immediately to come out, where we would, surely, met even the three Morgurs, and in fact it has been like this.
The Little One, has came to us jumping around happy. Everybody had felt something in the air, and there were came in front to our apartment in awaiting for our exit. 

They knew that in those hours we had taken a decision, and without leaving them much in supended, we had just nodded, and immediately they had understood, above all the Big One, who smiled without making himself noticced from the others.

“We are sure that someone of our friends of Blue City, has noticed our presence trought the silver slab, and now we are ready to amplify our visual of the city” you said, looking at one by one of our friends.

Everybody present looking at themselves, but just one has approached himself to us, and it has been The Big One, who said: “The previous time has been just a test: i showed you how to do, how to use you emotions to project yourself in Blue City, and how to use the Fenkuz’ mirror. Now it will be your turn: there will be nobody next to you. Use with much careful what which i gave you. 
More you will amplify the visual of the city, more time you will have available, and if you will have the sensation to be in Blue City, it’s because you will be enter for real inside of it. If you will be sucked inside don’t worry: the Fenkuz mirror will get you back, when you will want.”
What Big One had said, seemed a punch in the stomach: we didn’t had put in count what he said the first time when we had done the tests, and now he was repeating once again, and maybe he hadn’t realized that we hadn’t attention in what which he had said the first time. 

We remained in silence, to hear to his words with much more attention, and unconsciouisly, we were tightening our hands, and we held back the breathe, for the throw it away sweetly.

We looked at each other, and without shadow of doubt, we wanted to do it, and we nodded once again, and we wanted pass more time in that city, that we had seen reborn under our eyes, thanks to our love, and yes, we wanted to do it, absolutely. 

We hadn’t have breakfast yet; we wanted to announce this our decision to our friends first. 
We have invited everybody to pass the day on the big meadow in front of the apartment, and in that way we would have spoken about each friends of Blue City, and you would have enchanted everybody once again, me first, with your lovely voice.
In that way, we even, were getting preparing ourselves to that journey through the silver slab, to get back in Blue City.
And sweetly your voice was spreaded in our world, while somebody were settling next to us, and somebody were bringing something to eat for everybody. 

You was telling the Blue City story, for  everybody, but above all for us, that occasionally we staring at each other, in silence, without realizing that you was leaving everybody in suspense.
And between one of these long silence the son of Giant Wolf asked him: “Dad, what’s happening to them?”
Giant Wolf for an instant looked at his little puppy, and he sweetly smiled him, and he replied: “When you will become great, you will understand it… It’s call love”, looking at us he has remebered her beloved wife who was no longer next to his by his side. 

Someway we rembererd him that great feel he had for her. He smiled us held back the emotion, but one has escaped through a tear that got wet his furry face.
He got dry immediately it returning to smile to his little puppy, preteding wasn’t happened nothing.”



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