“When the morning” – ♥36♥

After we had opened the eyes, we smiled each other, and inside us we could perceived something that it was saying us that we were ready to retry that approach.

We looked at the Fenkuz’s mirror in the exact moment when everything vanished, as when someone blows on the glass and then everything vanishes inside as soft white cloud.

For a long instant we remained in silence to hear the sounds of the nature, slowly, wakening up with us. 
The gold lights of the sun were rising themselves up to the sky, and more the rays were entering in the bedroom, drawing a beautiful painting, that was changing instant after instant, inside us were being born, always more that big wish to meet our friends ofBlue City.

Slowly those golden rays had filled the bedroom of that desire, and in our glance, it could be read only that one.
You settled yourself on the back rest, while i was still forsaken on your chest, but our gazes were straight one inside another.
We could feel that desire that was growing inside, but something it stopped us.

We were enveloped inside two tiny dimensions in fought between them: that one in which we would have run downstairs, even like this, without nothing on, and that one in which we would love remained in that bedroom, making us carressing by the soft white curtain for the eternity.
In both the cases, our hearts were beating strong, and we knew that everything was turning around us.
The emotions that we were feeling in those instants were one of the biggest that we had felt.

In someway, we had to come out from those contrasting but beautiful emotions at the same time: we have done it, in the only way we knew: hold back the breathe, for then throw it way. We had done it a couple of times, and slowly those sensations has left us.
I was laid on you, and slowly i got up without take my eyes off you, while that soft breeze making moving the curtain over the bed.

For a long minute, you remained to stare me, while i moving naked in the room, while the curtain seemed dancing with me, sometimes covering my body, and sometimes making you see me in all my nudity.
I could hear your heart was going crazy, and you wanted that dance had no end: moving me slowly, i was dancing for you, and in someway, it was one of the most sensual thing you had ever seen.

Slowly, i came to you caressed by the soft white veil of the curtain, i settled myself by your side, and you have taken my hand, and in a whisper, you have anticipated me: “Let’s go.” 
Delicately i took the bedsheets off you had on, and even you got up, and together we have started to that sensual dance among the soft and light white curtain, shaked by the breeze.

By now the soft golden rays had left the place to the blinding rays of the sun, already up in the sky, and we had to shake ourselves, if not we would be remained in bedroom, and we would not,even, had breakfast, and for sure we would have combined nothing.

After wear on something, we went down.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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