Our connection

It’s like the Butterfly effect: when someone think to the other, the butterflies starting to fly in the stomach, and our connection slowly begin. 

Our small eletric shocks has started to cross our mind since i woke, and your presence has accompanied me for all the day, and when our eletric shock were increased, our hearts has starting to beat at unison, and within few minutes the magic has been accomplished. 
I felt your sweet embrace for all day.

It’s incredible it has happened Again, in this instant. 
My head is becoming a wooden head.
I don’t know how explain this sensation: everything is inside there, and it is about to explode. 

My body is emptying, and at the same instants it is filling itself by sensations that i know well, but it’s, as if they were new ones. 
In someway, we think each other, even for just seconds, but in those seconds everything explode.

The soft punch in the stomach is growing up always more, and i can feel your voice inside, and you are shaking me.
I must throw away the air from the lungs. 
I feeling your closiness stronger in these instants in which i leave these few words in row. 
I’m losing myself in your eyes, and there i find the only place i wish really stay.

We are far but closer than before…



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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