“After few minutes” – ♥35♥

You fallen asleep, embracing me, while the light of the moon was illuminating the Fenkuz small mirror on the furniture on the your side of the bed.

Nobody has seen what which the mirror was reflecting.

What have you had seen in your mind, as a film accellareted, it was what was happening for real in Blue City.
You didn’t have really comprehend what you had see it, but what which you had understand it was that Mantis had perceived our presence in that instant in which we had see of Blue City trought the silver slab under the croocked mirror inside the shack.

Mantis was sure, that within few days, or even within few hours, Blue City would been surrounded again by that warmth, and that our presence it would been more persistent than that one previous.
In lesser than one hour, everybody, who had helped us to cross the Zora borderlines, were would been alerted by Lizard who ran along the main boulevard, for enter in the Tourquoise Building.
Inside he was capable to warning everybody with the minimum effort.

The Turquoise Building was the heart of Blue City, and who wanted make an important announcement to all other inhabitants of the city, the simpliest thing to do was just enter inside the building, open a window of the many rooms that it had, and speak.
That’s why Zora had covered it with the worst mold during her empire of fear… In the Turquoise Building everybody could show their problems, and together find a solution. 

Lizard choosed a quite room, well furnished, and he sat down on a big chair laid on the turquoise wall, and with all calm he took off his pointed helmet, and he took a glance on the boulevard crowded of creatures, and among them he recognized, even Ram, always in a blue suit, who was filtring with a female of the same his species. He smiled.
In the Turquoise building, it have would could also, just whisper: what Lizard has prefered to do.

He started to think in which way begin the speech, looking himself in front, as if he had someone, but he had just a small smoking table, and a large empty room with just another big chair like his, a wooden furniture next the door from where he entered, and to the opposite wall of where he was sat, there was a dusty wall piano.

He threw away all the air from the lungs, he closed his eyes, and slowly begun.
“Few hours ago, many of you, surely has felt a changing in the air of Blue City, underlined by the most sweet sound of the Whale.”
He has awaited for some replies from the creatures who were walking on the sidewalks, and he has no to wait too long what he wanted hear.

Little by little, under the Turquoise Building it was formated itself a small group of creatures in waiting for that Lizard continued, what he’ve done.
“Mantis, The Chameleon Woman, and me, we think that they are Daria and Luke, who were trying to enter in communication with us…”, and from the sidewalk a sense of wonder spreaded among the citizens of Blue City, and finally Lizard has heard heard the Ram voice say: “What we can do?” 
Lizard smiled, getting himself up from the big chair, looking out the window, and looked at to the small group, and then he looked at Ram saying: “The Chameleon woman and Mantis  were organizing the old Bill local as a meeting point. We think that they will retry to communicate with us as soon as possible.” Ram  from down said him: “I will warn Stu”, but for sure he had already heard what Lizard had said. 

Accomplished his job, Lizard went out from the Turquoise building, and met others creatures who asked him other small particulars, and was happy to give them.

When he got back to his small corner of Blue City, he noticed that his speech had given good fruit: a good bunch of inhabitants were already there inside, and outside of the Bill local to give their contribution, and among them, he has noticed, even Stu, who had understood that somethjng special was about to happening. 

He was flying over the city, when that strange sensation it has overwhelmed in full, he explained to Lizard, and he went immediately to Mantis, just few seconds later him had left the Bill local.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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