“We hadn’t” – ♥33♥

Know that, in someways ,in that small glimpse at Blue City we had unleashed an unexpected surprise among our friends citizens.

Slowly, we returned in front of our apartment, while we had the eyes of Amber set on us,but we didn’t have noticed her, and she looked at Pyr, who despite his blindness catched her questioning glance. 
The small Amber had must still got used to all this new world. 
Pyr said her:”Tomorrow it will everything passed”. 

In her small, Amber she was a bit jelous, and Pyr could felt it.
He had understood that he would had to pass much time with her: teaching her that in the Parallel World everything was based on our emotions, and he would have tell her our story from the begin: from the very first time we had shared that shy glance in the Philip’s Bar.

While the sun was making place to the moon, we arrived in that wide piece of meadow in front of the aparment. 
We had passed the day to reflect on what we had seen in the shack, and in our minds was still running that crazy idea, but maybe it was just a crazy idea to retry  immediately.
Entering in the apartment, i turned myself and i stopped on the threshold, and i took a glimpse to the moon. 
Even you stopped, and delicately, have embraced me from behind, tightening softly the belly, while our eletric shocks were running fast cross our minds. 
For a long minute, we had stared the sky. 
Our breathe were merging one in another, enveloping us by our own feelings.

Still among your arms, i spinned me, and our glances met, and softly i touched your face: in silent, you have smiled me, approaching your forehead to mine.
Sweetly you said: “How much i love you.”
Looking at your mouth, i’ve touched it with my finger. 
In that instant our heart stopped, and after a long moment in which we remained like this, you taken me among your arms, and we went upstairs. 
Sweetly you leaned me on mattress, and immediately after you did the same.
We had need to be transported by our feelings, and leaving them flowing in us. 

You was next to me leaned from a side, and you have started to soft touch me, and occassionally you was tightening my dress, as if it was a superflous thing.
We didn’t take our glances off one from another: when you hand arrived to touch my belly, you approached your face to mine, and you started to give me soft small kisses, and slowly, without i realized, your fingers were lifting my white skirt, till the hips, and when i felt your fingers on my bare skin, for a second i looked at you deeply, then i closed the eyes. 
I knew what you have would do, i bited my lips, then i begun to moan, and just when i started to moan a vortes has surronded us.
Then sweetly you have penetrated me and your kisses became sweet caresses on mouth. 

Slowly you have lifted my hands over my head, and always faster, our flows were merging one in another till to reach the pleasure.
Our orgasm was spreading in all our body, and really slowly we got relaxed ourselves. 
Our breathes got calm down. 
We looked at each other: we smiled, and all that love slowly was spreading in all Our World, wrapping even the little Amber.

In all the world was breathing an air that it wasn’t breathing from long time, and everybody were feeling it, and on their faces it was printed the happiness.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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