“While we got back”- ♥32♥

Toward the apartment, in Blue City something was happening.

After felt that strange vortex in air, Mantis entered in her boutique for sat down in her white big chair for rest, and take breath again, but immediately few seconds, she decided to come out again, to look for Lizard: she was sure, that even him, had felt something. 
She closed temporarly her boutique with the signboard “I come back soon”.
She closed the door of the boutique, looking at herself around, but on her sidewalk, there were nobody, and not even to the other side. 

Lizard was always place himself under the lamp, and now, his main job, was not longer scare the other creatures, but just chatting with the beautiful Chameleon woman, and occassionally filrt with her.

When Mantis arrived in front of the entrance of the Bill local, she started to make noise, for make notice her from the adorable couple. 
A cough, were would be enough, and in fact it was like this.

Lizard came out from the dark angle, just illuminated by that strange red light, that nobody hadn’t ever understood where came from, and nobody didn’t care of it. 
“Mantis, what do you here?” said Lizard, adjusting his coat collar, and putting right his pointed helmet, hiding his greenish face, that has became all red. 

Without pleasantries, Mantis pulled him inside the Bill’ local, and between tables turned down, scratched tablecloths on the ground, and broken glasses, she pulled Lizard toward the big counter: the only one intact piece after that Zora chas been swallowed by that vortex in which she has disappeared.
She looked at him straight in his small yellownish pupils, and she asked him: “Do you have felt it?”
She has repeated that question a couple of times, and she was looking at Lizard with her big her round eyes. 
Lizard hadn’t ever seen her in alarm, like this, after those terrible days, in which everything was in poised, among the full destruction or the rebirth of Blue City.

She was awaiting for his reply, but the reply he gave her wasn’t that she would wanted to hear. 
The Chameleon woman had followed them inside the local, and when she had hear what Lizard said to her, she approached to the counter, and shyly said to Mantis:”I felt it too: as a shortest but intense heat has enveloped me, but then it immediately vanished.”
Mantis remained speechless for a short time, then she  nodded, and she added: “I hadn’t feel that since when… they has left us” and she looked at them thoughtful. 
Then Lizard said: “I noticed the Whale sound, for short time it has been the most beautiful sound i ever heard from long time.”
The two female creatures looked at him nodding.

Mantis few seconds later, threw away the air from her slim body, and she started to look at herself around, as if she want organize that forsaken local in a different way. 

Lizard knew that glance: if we were been  really us, in someways, we have would retry to make us in contact with them, and for that moment Mantis would not wanted be unprepared, on the contrary, in that glance was giving small orders, and Lizard immediately has got them. 
While the Chameleon woman, was, already cleaning at better that local, removing from the ground the tableclothes, pulling up those few tables that seemed lesser ruined than others, looking for immediately a broom.

The glances of the creatures were meeting, and they smiled each other.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“Pyr had right” ♥31♥

“We hadn’t” – ♥33♥⇒


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