“Pyr had right” ♥31♥

There was a place that had the power to calm us from the big emotions, and that place was the Burn Valley.
Being able to have seen one of our great friend of Blue City, it made us a bit stunned, we were sure that she had felt something from our magical tracks. 

Arrived to the small hill in front of the great Burn Valley, we remained breathless, and the sense of tranquility of which we had need, has enveloped us.
It seemed that the reddish mountain was speaking to us: the soft breeze was caressing our faces gently.
We remained in silence for long. 

We had seen again that city, in which we had fought, maybe the biggest battle we had faced up to, and even if we had seen just a small portion of it, all the emotions, feelings of those days surfaced all in a hit, and maybe we weren’t ready to feel them again.
“Maybe we weren’t ready, but maybe it has been better like this” you said in a whisper. 
Then gently, you have embraced me, and i made me craddled by your breath.

The silence of the Burn Valley, had always something magical: even the soft sound of the lake waves, it was not calmer than the silence of that valley.
Every thoughts that were running fast in our minds, were merging one in another, and slowly, they has found a peaceful place to rest
Despite every contrasting memories, we wanted absolutely, make arrive here our friends from Blue City.

“Do you have noticed her glance?” i asked, softly touching your hand place on the red topsoil. You looked at first my hand, then you have tightened me always more to you, and said: “I’m sure, she has realized that we were us.”
At the same instant, we threw away the air from the lungs, and all in a sudden, i asked: “Do you have still the small mirror of Fenkuz?”
Witthout ask, you pulled it out from the  sweater pocket. I just took a look, and as if i was lost in thought, i just mumbled.
Million of thoughts were running in my minds, and i could not stop them. 
One of them was that one to retry, as soon got back. 
We were thinking at the same thing, but as if the Burn Valley wanted speak to us, a blow of  wind has slapped sweetly our both faces, and it has awakening us from that thought that slowly, was hammering our heads from when you have showed me the Fenkuz’ mirror.

We had closed the eyes, and we could hear the Burn Valley’s voice in that gentle slap.
“It’s too soon to retry that magical approach. Your friend has felt something, and she has immediately thought to you, but it’s to soon to retry”
Slowly, we held back the air, for the throw it away. For a short time we looked at each other stunned from what we had heard. 
It was impossible that the Burn Valley itself had spoke, but we knew that in that Valley we could hear the voices of our deepest self, and it was that one who had spoken.
When we have opened them, that soft slap has shaked us again, as if it was eneterd inside us, for then come out all in a hit, everything around us got back to be calmer: but it was already everything calm: were just our souls, our minds in turmoil.

The Burn Valley had that power: in her grandeur, it could find, even the most tiny thought, and make us reasoning on it, and just in those seconds we had realized that.
In front of her, we could find any our weakness, and make it become a new force. 
We looked at each other, and we nodded: what we had heard, it had made us changed our minds.
It was soon. 

Delicately you got up, and gently you taken my hand. 
The moon was asking to the sun the permission to rise to the sky, and shyly the sun was going away, and slowly we got back calmer.
Our hearts has started delicately to beat at unison.”



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