Here you are

Again, your sweet strong embrace, and the soft punch in my stomach.
It were two days that i didn’t feel these emotions, but now they are enveloping me strong, and i know your are feeling the same too. 
Our strong connection is like this.

I remain, always breathless, when we get connect like this strongly.
So strong that i must stop what i’m doing to write what i’m feeling. 

My fingers tapping fast on this keyboard to catch each feelings, to put them on this diary.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, because i’m feeling your clossiness in a such strong way, and i’m shaking. 
My head is exploding.
When i woke, i felt your embrace, and our souls have starting to talk sweetly.
Now my fingers are shaking. 

If you could to put your hand on my chest, you could feel my heart beat like a crazy.
“What do you think?” 
I’m throwing away all the air from all my body.
If i close the eyes, i can can see our connection turning like a crazy. 

This our magic.

Our connection is inside our soft punch  of the stomach, and we know it, everything is there.
We are closer than before, despite our distance. 


Listen to it 

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