“The Big One”-♥30♥

Was still breathless, but after one second later, regained his sobriety, and all in a sudden he got back to look at us, and with a shy smile got back to explain.
Now the  brownish couch was just bulky, and everybody present helped the Morgurs to make space, if we were been capable to catch our friends in Blue City with our magical silver slab.
We were assisting to the preparation with the hearts in the throat: we weren’t able, not even, to swallow, as much we were thrilled.

When the silver slab was exactly placed under the croocked mirror, The Leaner One placed a medium rock like a sign for the future.
As if The Big One, didn’t wanted break the atmosphere that was created itself around, has called us slowly, and made moved away the others.
With his paw, he indicated us where we had to put ourselves: just still in front of the silver slab.

He knew the already, but for to be sure, he asked us, in which position our love was most powerful, and without say a word, you sweetly looked at me caressing my belly first, then my hip, to went behind me, tightening me delicately, and i have tightened your arms against the belly. 
Together, we threw away softly the air from the lungs, and in a whisper you said me: “Here we are…” and i closed the eyes, making enveloping by your delicate breathe.
The Big One gave to you the Fenkuz small mirror, and  he said sofltly said: “Hold back the breathe, imagine to be in Blue City, throw it away, and open the eyes”.
These the simple instructions that we had to follow.
But that one we hadn’t expected we were really in Blue City.
The silver slab, had amplified the power of the crooked mirror, and in someway, a part of Blue City, that part we had imagined, was inside the shack. 
Our hearts were going crazy: i realized about your strong emotion, because you was tightening more the belly, and the end, in a thread of voice you said me: “I had forgot how much beatiful it was.”

Then our hearts, literally stopped: we had seen Mantis come out from her boutique. 
She wear, always a military coat, but this time white with red stripes along the sleeves, and she made, always her effect. 
She was a great lady creature. She was about to enter in her boutique, when stopped herself: seemed she had felt something in the air. 
Much likely, she had felt our magic track: she looked herself around. She looked at the sky, where, now the Whale was flying free, and her sound was the calmest sound that it could hear.

We were looking at that small portion of  Blue City.
Just few steps ahead there was the old local of Bill, and just thinking about him, we held back the breathe, and we were touched, to think that we had lost him in that no sense battle against Zora. 
You tightened me strong, and i did the same keeping your arms against my belly. 
We looked at each other, we knew that behind the corner there was that long dark alley, where at the end there was our storage room, but the visual of the silver slab was  finishing just to the entrance of the old local of Bill, that unfortantely was remained like this like we had left: destroyed, and abandoned.

We could not goes forward: The Big One had noticed that, and with a sigh, he said us for to leave us that dimesion inside Blue City behind the shoulders, it was enough embraced us no longer, not before to held back the breathe, to close the eyes, for then throw away the air.

We have done all that with a such delicatness, above all you, who first to leave me, you have tightened me stronger to you, and together we threw away the air from the lungs, and all in a sudden, the magic of the silver slab disappeared, and everything got back like before.
We turned around ourselves, and there were still everybody who remained breathless for what had seeing. 
Shyly, Amber came to you touching your hand, and she asked you: “Is that city you was talked about?” You  nodded, then she got back to her place next to Pyr and Kapi. 
The Big One, in this case the most pratical, said us: “Mantis… is it her name, isn’t?” he asked, then added “For sure, she has felt something… next time she will able to comprehend more what it is, and maybe next time, you will want to explore better the city: amplify the visual. 
This time has been just a test.” Both we have nodded. 
Exited we threw away, again, the air from the lungs
We smiled each other: we were happy to  have seen Mantis in good shape.

Slowly, we have left the shack with a great emotion inside: we have started to walk toward the only place that was calling us silently. 

Amber next to Pyr, was looking at us, and sweetly she asked him: “Where are they going to?” He replied with calm: “They had have a great experience inside the shack. The Burn Valley is the only place in which they can find that sense of peace they really need now.”
Amber has looked Pyr, she smiled him, but then she has take a look beyond the Morgur Village.”


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