When i

Seen you in front of me, my heart has begun to beat strong. I feeling your closiness always stronger, and i said myself: “Here they are that small signals”, and when i saw that visualization, i started to shake my head: everything has matched in each particulars: i waited for, and slowly everything has arrived.

By now, with you nothing is a coincidence: everything is drawn inside us, and i have just to wait that accomplish by itself, and each time it’s like this. 
It’s like this from five years, and it’s like the very first time: stunning.
I should be used to it, but i’m not at all, and i believe it’s the same for you.

From five years, we are asking ourselves if is this really possible. 
Also today when i woke, your embrace has been sweetest, and just slowly i put together all those small pieces, and slowly my head is crazy.
Anguz had right: small signals and messages, and you came to visit me in dream.
With you i believe no longer to the coincidences: maybe are we really twin flames?


Listen to it⇓⇓

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