“That night” – ♥28♥

Our souls were chasing our thoughts. 
Your words entering inside me, and i relived those moments in that white bench, and i could feel all your solitude, and your sense of void that you was ready to fight again just to find me at all costs.

You was already asleep, while i was travelling across what you had said me, and in what Amber have said you, i realized how much important i was for you, and you was as much for me.

Embraced by those wonderful thoughts, at the end i fallen asleep, not before to have soft touch your face, and have give you a delicate kiss on your lips.

When we opened the eyes, the light of the new day, was slowly spreading itself in Our Parallel World, while, already the voice of the Big One was making hear itself in the Morgur Village, looking for to wake up The Little One, while The Leaner One was, already ready to enter in the main hut of the village.

They had, already, put down a sketch of the time tunnel, but they were so skeptical about their working, and they had to make some tests.
We had hear them crossing the bridge to enter in the shack, opening the sheet metal, making big din that curious we went to the window to see what they were doing.
But unfortunately, we hadn’t see nothing, just one of the paw of one of the Morgur who was enteing inside. 
Shrugging, we smiled, and we came out from the bedroom. 
Going down, our hearts were beating  strong, but this time at unison: realizing us of that, we kissed us sweetly. 

Everybody outside, were careful to hear The Big One voice who was giving specifics orders to the other two, who seemed do well their works.
We had reached the big ground in front of  the shack with everybody present to follow: we didn’t wanted open the door till the Big One had opened himself the sheet metal from inside.
We seemed an audience, who were ready to attend a show, maybe the most beautiful.
I was settled myself on a rock, and you was close to me, tightening my hip with one hand and with the other, one of my hand.

Without making us notice, we were looking at our friends, one by one, and we had thought what they did for us: a lot, and if this time tunnel it would not worked, it would be the same:  we had the best friends that we have would  could imagined.

In a hurry The Big One has came out from the shack, and remained stunned: he was so concetrated that he didn’t hada realized that outside the shack were everybody, who were waiting for to see what his genious mind had thought. 
After that embaressement moment he cough, and he went to Fenkuz asking him one of his specials mirror inside his leather little bag.
Fenkuz looked at him questioning himself on what he need them, but without opening mouth, he gave it to him, and then Big One got back inside the shack closing the sheet metal door over his shoulders, and just few seconds later, from the slots of the shack, we have seen came out some ray of lights.

I tightened more my hand in your, and you have looked at me deeply.
“Did they made it?” You was asking me: i held back the breathe, for then threw it away.
I shrugged.”


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