Your sweet embrace

Has woke me, one hour before the alarm clock. In that hour we existed only us. 
In the darkness your embrace has tightened me strong, and the soft punch in the stomach has grow up in minute in minute always more. 
I’ve tightened your arms against my belly, and your breathe has enveloped me always more.

Our connection has grow up, and slowly our sweet eletric shocks has crossed our minds, and despite our distance, we given ourselves sweet kisses. 

I can feel still your arms surrounding my belly: i throw away air from the lungs. 
If i touch my belly, i can feel still your arms around me. and if i turn myself i can see you there, next to me who stare at me, and your smile can swallow me inside of it. 
You are silently speaking to me, and in someways, i can perceive what you are saying.
Your lips sweetly are touching mine, and delicately your hands are tightning my hips toward you, and sweetly our connection make itself stronger.
I waiting for you.
I feeling your hands on my belly tightening themselves always more.
I close the eyes, while i can hear your voice surrounding me.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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