“Arrived in” – ♥27♥

Bedroom, we went to the window, and we remained to stare the boreal light that was running fast in the sky.
Sweetly, you have embraced me from behind, while your breathe was caressing me. 

The sky, that night has remembered us the last night we had passed together our furry friends, before to be launched in Blue City, and everything was light, and crystalline. 
The colours of the sky were merging with the small firefly that slowly were flying, creating a futher magical atmosphere.
Embracing me, you was whispering: “Look how it’s beautiful”, tightening me more to you. 

I was looking at everything around, when i looked at Amber close to Pyr: you knew what i was about to ask you, and without wait for the question, you begun: “She is one of the smartest creature i’ve ever met in that city. When i woke all alone, without you: i felt lost. I had no longer my anchor. I believed that everything we had created was destroyed, and i thought i would had to wander again in search of something that i had found in you, for then to find it no longer….”
I sighed, and i softly touched your hand: listening to your words, my heart begun to beat fast. 

Then you continued. 
“When i met Abe, i found in him, my rational, and logical part. With him, i found again the strenght to goes forward, to find a way to look for you, but when Amber has came, something of her has reminded me how much our great love was.
I have tell her how we had met, and everything what we had done together, and i believe with my words she understood that a love great like this, is the greatest gift that two persons like us, can receive, and she made me understand it. 
In those words  of encouragement, i have could hear resounding your voice, and this has gave me the force to hope to meet you again.
In someways, you and her are much similar. You both have same the sweetness, and in that sweetnes the same will strenght: her words has helped me to don’t give up. I’m very grateful her.”
Embracing me strong, we both we have stared her again. 
“The same thing he did it for me Giant Wolf.” I said in a whisper.

We looked at each other, and slowly our eletric shocks were begun cross fast our minds, like that boreal light in that starry sky above us. 
My heart hadn’t stop to beat strong: you sweetly smiled me: even your was beating strong, but, as soon you have placed my hand on your chest both hearts got calm, and they has begun to beat at unison.
We were surrounded by millions small emotions, that we only us could feeling.
We were saying much, even don’t say nothing: it was enough our glances, and our small caresses. 

Delicately, you have brought me toward the bed, and together we laid on the mattress.
You whispered: “Let’s try to sleep.”
Caressing our faces, i arrived at your neo, and then you approached to me for kissing me.
In one second, we dived ourselves in our gazes, and we have see our souls dance, merging one in another.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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