“We tightening” – ♥26♥

Us our hands, and occasionally we launched us some glances, and our furry friends were staring us, just Amber was continuing to eat her friuts with all the tranquilitty of this world.

What we were thinking could be the craziest thing, but having know that Blue City was still there, and the sweet sound of the Whale was the solid confirmation of what The Big One had said us, we looked at us, and we threw away the air from the lungs.
Our thoughts were chasing one another, like crazies, and our thought was just one only.

In Blue City we had fought the biggest battle against Zora, and now we were sure that none of her followers would have attempt to put on another reign of  the terror in that marvellous city, why don’t visit it again, and maybe ask to the laborious Morgurs to create a time tunnel.
There, we had left some dearest friends, and we had begun to love them as a family, and we had haven’t time to say them goodbye, and the sound of the Whale had reminded us that. 

To our demand, The Big One was remained a bit  perplexed, but he didn’t give up himself, and he reunited all the Morgur, and at the end all together they said: “We try”.
“It would be wonderful see again all the friends who helped us in that great battle we  had have face up to” you said almost murmuring, looking at me, taking my hand that sweetly was touching your.

Slowly, everybody has left the ground in front of the shack, and all the three Morgurs went to their small village to study that time tunnel for Blue City, while we  were looking at Amber who slowly was about fallen asleep. 
That long journey cross our magical track it had made her got tired: sweetly you taken her in your arms: i had taken Abe, and together we crossed the small bridge, and we reached the meadow in front of the apartment.
Abe, with his almond-eyes, has taken a glimpse around, and said me to brought him on one branch in particular of the big tree in front of  that one in which there was the apartment, and he placed himself in his new peaceful place, while Pyr was making space for the sweet Amber, and you was placing her next to him who with his warmth, he was heating her, and  he said you: “She will be ok.” 
You thanked him giving her a last caress. 
Slowly we had left the meadow, for stay a bit alone, inside the apartment.

Little by little all the creatures we had met, were looking for a new place to live, and Our Parallel World was the right one and we wanted it that was like this: we had to give them a peaceful place, and for sure they would have give us back everything, with all their love.

For a bit, we remained on the treshold, to look the panorama that was changing: slowly the sound of the day was fading itself inside that one of the night, and in the sky a boreal light was crossing fast Our Parallel World, spreading a velvety sensation, while you was tightening me to you, whispering sweet words.

Without make noise, we have close the door behind our shoulders, and you have taken me among your arms. 
We went upstairs.”


Listening to it⇓⇓


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