“We remained” – ♥25♥

Speechless from what Amber said us. We looking at her, while she continuing to eat the fresh fruit, and she seemed grateful to have reached a place like that.

She was looking at you sweetly, and you was looking at her as much tenderly. 
I understanding why she was so attached to you, and more i was seeing that scene, more i got how much hard has been far from the person you love so much.
Slowly, without make me noticed, i approached my hand to your, and when they were soflty touched, you looked at it first, then our glance were meeting. 

Delicately our hearts has begun to beating strong, and together, we held back the breathe for then throw it away. 
In that gesture, was reigning a great question, and before to ask it, we knew that was the same we had in head.
I looked at you, and i just nodded: you would have asked the question.

In the shack there was an suspended atmosphere, and we weren’t the only to feel it: also the others were perceiving it. 
The only calm was Amber: even the small Abe had perceived that.
I, like you, was curious to know what the answer would be, whoever would answer, and in that instants, among a bit of scare, and the retincence to speak, above all you, had forgot that Abe was capable to read the mind, and he started to talk slowly.

“As much i know, only the silent city has been sucked inside the destruction vortex: none of the others city, or small planets has been destroyed” he said always with the tiny  almond eyes closed. We looked at him, holding bak the breathe, and slowly The Big One got up himself to approach to us: he had something to say.

Bowing himself to greet Amber, and the small Abe, he said us: “After you got back in the Parallel World, we everybody, have checked the gap between this dimension and… Blue City does still exists”. 
In all this, we had forgot about the gap, and the jump that our friends had to do sometimes to take all the necessary of which we had need.
It was passed one year, but all in a sudden, everything got back in mind.

It seemed passed an eternity, when we had acrossed the gap, and for the first time we had visited Blue City. 
All in a sudden we stared the crooked mirror, and everything passing from there.
In his floating, Trusting-Jack has collected it from the ground and he placed it from where it was fallen, and for magic we have started to listen a soft buzz came from the small mirror.
“Blue City…” nodding, whispered The Big One. 

Despite it was the city in which we had seen much pain, we had seen even much desire to live. 
All in a sudden, we remained stunned to hear the sound of the Whale make shake a bit the mirror.

Everybody present looking at each other with wide eye open, while our hearts started to beat strong.
Were been intense emotions. 
As in a flashback, we had relived everything, while another time the sound of the Whale resounded softly in the shack.”


Listening to it ⇓⇓


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