They are too many

Days that i leave apart my emotions: instead they are surrounding me each day i open the eyes, and your closiness accompany me till the evening.

Tonight i want say you that your embrace in these days was stronger than other days, and my head was exploded may times, despite i didn’t write what i was feeling.

I felt our eletric shocks, and i seen Ansuz, and those small signals, and messages were arrived to me.
My heart is starting to beat strong, while i’m writing directly to you, and in someway i know you are feeling it.

Our connection, despite we both we are busy: you with the new project, and me with this revision, is always strong. 
My lump in the throat don’t make swallow, and this mean that we are always connect. 

Each time i see your eyes, your sweet face, i loose myself, and now, sweetly i can feel again you are embracing me tight the belly. 
I throwing away the air from the lungs, and despite this is just a picture of you, i perceive something more, and i know you can feel me. 
Our hearts are beating at unison.
Everything with you is so magical. 

Take me to Our Parallel World, in our apartment, upstairs in bedroom, and we remain embraced like this.
Diving ourselves in our souls, and we talk sweetly.


Listen to it⇓⇓ 

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