“Amber with” – ♥24♥

Her soft voice, started to tell, and everybody present remained stunned.

The silent city, little by little, after our leaving, has begun to shattering itself. 
“Every buildings around were destroying themselves, and a deadly silence has surrounded, once again  everything. It has scared everybody. 
When you has left us, you have left some tracks: some magical tracks.” she said.  We looked at us, and we remembered that strange sensation surrounded us, and it seemed that it would to be swallow us, thing that it hasn’t happened.

“You have protected who was next to you”, and Amber has taken a glance to the small Abe, who was resting himself on his branch on my hand.
Giant Wolf rembembered them, and he was looking at them with much curiosity, and he was shyly smiled to Amber, who given it him back, but she was still embraced to you. 
She remembered how much sweet you was with her, and all that love, it could see in her small smiling eyes, while Abe glance was impassible, but under his yellow and black stripes, it could perceive an imperceptible smile.

As if i didn’t want break that sweet reunion between  you and the small Amber, i sighed: “You and Abe, in someways, were be sucked in that vortex” she nodded, and left you to come to me, and i taken her on my legs: she looked at me straight in the eyes, and after a bit, she said: “Now i can understand what you said us, on that white bench: she has that glimmer. In her eyes there everything this.”
Slowly, you taken my hand, and you smiled me, and sweetly held back the breathe, for then threw it away. 
“A big love like this, can be just magic” added Abe closing the eyes to rest.

Those magical tracks had saved them, it had brought them here.
Remembering the long and exhausting journey we had done trought that black hole, to arrive in our past, we asked to whoever wanted to take something to drink, and to eat to our new old friends, and that one who made himself foward been The Little One together with the puppy, and in few later Amber was eating something, while Abe was drinking water from a small bowl. 

After a  couple of minutes you have asked news about the mailbox blue with the white banner: “What has happened to him?”
Amber swallowing one of the last pieace of fresh fruit, has looked at you, while her glance became sad, said: “He didn’t make it. He has been swallowed inside the destruction.” 

Amber looked at both of us: i covered the mouth with the hand, while i could not held back the tears.
Amber continued: “He tried to follow us… but he was so heavy to be not dragged inside that vortex.”
I didn’t know well the blue mailbox, but from what you said me he’s been him to give you further hope in those moments of absolute solitude.
But nothing can turn the way you want: the silent city has been destroyed, not because we had failed, on the contrary, it was reborn again thank to us, thank to our reunion, but it was fallen in disgrace, because it was one of the further away satellite of Our Parallel World, and only who was close to us, has been capable to catch our magical track, and be dragged away just in time.

We remained in silence, in the middle of the shack, while we were looking at Amber still eating, and Abe who was looking himself around, scrutinizing the others furry animals who were around us.”


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⇐“We were” – ♥23♥

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