“We were” – ♥23♥

Still awakening ourselves from that strange night as soon passed, but the noises from the shack made themselves always more insistent, and by now, who missing to cross the little bridge, were us.
Bathuè was ready with his spear to attack whoever would entered in our world.

Making us space from the little furry friends, we remained a second to listen to inside: it seemed was all calm, but, as soon we spinned toward our friends, a big crash of something was falling on the ground made everybody stop the hearts.

We remained in listening still once again, and slowly, we have opened the big sheet of metal working as door.
It was the first after we were back that we were entering in that magical place, and we had forgot how much magic they could contain those four sheet metal walls: for you a place where you could hid himself when you was a child, and for me the very first contact with you, despite we didn’t still knew each other. 

We entered inside the shack with the hearts were beating strong.
It seemed everything ok.
The rays of the sun were entering through the small imperfect slots from the sheets of metal were creating strange games of lights: in some part more marked than others, and in other place were just soft lines of thin moving dust. 
Everything inside there, was suspended. 
Our furry friends looked out inside, but nobody came in, not even Bathuè. 

As the very fist time, we have done a whole round of the shack, checking each small coner of that big sheet metal costruction: we had started to the left side to arrive to the right one: the most important.
Finished the library we arrived in front to the wall of metal. 
The crooked mirror was no longer on that wall: we held back the breathe: unconsciously we tightened the hands, and slowly we have took a glimpse something on the ground: there were some small tracks of one or two small creatures who had exceeded the magical borderline.

We remained in listening, looking for to hear something. But it hasn’t happened nothing: so we tried the opposite. 
I pretended to be there to remember something: what i’ve really done, and you have followed me.
Remembering to all wonderful things we had pass inside there, our tone of voices were became delicately soft, and a sense of tranquility was spreaded inside, and outside the shack, and our furry friends from worry got calm thelmselves hearing your voice that was starting to tell some beautiful stories of when you was a child, imagining yourself to be a knight who was fighting against dragons fire-breathing, and i had telling, when for the first time i came inside that shack.

Our words, our feelings, had created an atmosphere so magical, and whoever was entered in Our Parallel World, slowly was  popped out behind a small couch ahead the white library, and continuing to tell the stories, your eyes has met the glance of one of the hidden creatures, and immediately you have recognized her. Her small smiling eyes were illuminated, and without fear she went toward you, and you taken her, embracing her delicately: she was the sweet Amber from the silent city, and little by little, with his small branch popped out even Abe, who seemed the most tired: slowly i taken him with his indivisible branch.
You have smiled me, and have presented me once again Abe and the sweet Amber.

Slowly, one by one, of ours furry friends curiously entered, and put themselves all around us. 
With your gentle voice have introduced the new friends to the others.
And at the end you asked them, the question that was flying in the air from when Amber came out from behind that small couch”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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