“Even when” – ♥22♥

We were sleeping, our minds were connected: this happening already, but ths time, we could feel it in the deepest way. 

That night, who were involved still in that new dimension were been our souls, and seemed that they had to complete that transformation at psycho-mental level.

As they were two ghosts, they came out from our bodies, and they has started their magical floating dance.
They  merged themselves, for then divide, for then intertwine once again, while the moonlight was illuminating their slow dance above us.

They were making love like this, merging one another;: becoming one only soul, for then break away themselves.
Occasionally your soul entered inside me, and mine was doing the same entering inside you, and all in a sudden, our breathes were increasing, and we could touch with hand, what each one of us was feeling for other, and it was one of the most intesive experience of our lives.

Their slow dance has lasted all night, and the first light of the day, they kissed themselves, and as two small vampires, they hidden themselves inside us. 

Little by little, their energy developed itself inside us. 
Unconscious, of what was just happened, we have opened the eyes, and sweetly we smiled.
We were feeling something changed inside us, but we weren’t absolutely worry. 
Everything was still muffled, and slowly it was clearifying, even inside us, and now each glance was a journey inside the soul of the other, and we could perceive also the smallest thought that was running in the mind of the other.
Each heart beat was meaning something important.
It was like, as if if we were implode, and slowly we were collecting each tiny fallen emotions.

From outside, it could seemed a situation that little by little, it would have destroy us, but it wasn’t at all. 
It was like to swim in the calmest sea of our lives, and be embraced by something that was being born us from inside.
They were the first steps that we were accomplishing inside that new dimension: maybe the hardest, but even the most beautiful, and intense of all the others, and we were got be using to it.

Everything was spinning inside, and around us: we had to just understand how to stop that endless vortex that made us feel everything from a new view point.
You putted my hand on your chest, and your heart was running like a crazy, and all in a sudden our eletric shock were chasing one another. 
So i taken your hands in mine, and as we did several times before, we held back the breathe for the threw it away, and it seemed it did works, when from outside the shrill voice of The Little One was warning everybody that something strange was happening inside the shack.

Now for real those noises came from the sheet metal construction, and in someways had alarmed everybody, especially Bathuè who was ready to use his spear, if it was necessary, but The Big One had stopped him.

The Little One has called us. and after a couple of minutes, we both went to the window, and without add other Little One has indicated us the shack over the little river, and slowly everybody were going there.
We have felt other noises, and nodding, we went down.

As soon we came out from the apartment, that sensation that has enveloped us till that instants, it slided away as an old worn coat, and everything seemed clearest.

We looked at us deeply: we remained for a second still on the threshold, then we taken us the hands, and went toward the little bridge that divided us from the shack.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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