“It seemed” – ♥21♥

That slowly in that dance our souls were comunicating in a new way, and each small heart beat exploded, and it opened us inside a new dimension that we could see trought our big love, and that big love itself it swallow us inside.

Everything surround us, it was was like enveloped us in a soft white soft light, and we were the engine that was making went on all that.
In that slow dance, were involved all our emotions, and everything was going  slow. 
We looked at us straight in our eyes, and each one of us made live the other by own emotions.

That sensation that has pervaded us, from when we had acrossed the new place of Our Parallel World, and it didn’t wanbted left us.
Each emotions, feelings, that we had felt, from the very first gaze in the bar, to the last blink of an eye, seemed merging one another, and slowly, and softly explode inside us, and inside our eyes, we could see all that beauty. 
We were one in front another: your arms were tightening delicately my hips, and one my hand was touching your chest, the other was caressing your face.

Everything was floating still in that atmosphere.
It was like we were dived in an amniotic liquid, and we were surrounded by our own feelings, outside, and inside us, but really slowly, everything was getting back to the normality, and also the last sparkle of the last emotion vanished in a small glimmer inside our eyes, and we have could hear like a soft explosion inside us, and a soft white lightt dust surrounded us, and everything got back like it was before.
During all that we hadn’t take our eyes off one from another, and it seemed that everything got back inside us, and it seemed got calm.
That stormy sea of emotions was calming, and we with it.
Sweetly, you took your glance off from me, to stare my hand, then you taken it, and  with a shy smile, slowly, we have left the place in which we danced.

In the apartment were could just hearing to our soft breathes, and little steps, that we had to make to reach the little stair to go up.
We had said just a phrase, from we entered in the apartment, and we didn’t want say not even one more.
We were enveloped by our sensations, and our perfumes were merging one in another, and everything this was speaking for us.

You helped me to put on the first stair, then you have turned me toward you.
We shyly smiled. 
The new sensations were going away, but we were still overwhelmed by them, and just looking at us, catching each small shades, we could say us what we were feeling in those instants: things that the words would have minimazed, instead were, maybe the strongest feelings that we were feeling. 

I caresed softly your face, and delicately i arrived to touch your tiny mole: you shyly smiled me, then you have taken me among your arms, and we went up. 

I wasn’t able to take my eyes off you, while you was reaching the bedroom, and when you have laid me on the mattress, you have done it, as if i was a rose petal, and slowly you laid yourself close to me, and delicatley our fingers were softly touched, for then cross themselves one in another, one, two times, and to the third were anchored one with another.
We threw away the air from the lungs, and little by little eyes in eyes, we fell asleep, carressing our face skin.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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