You arrived

And overwhelming me. 
It’s from when i woke that i feel your closiness, and at the end you arrive like this. 
You almost move me, and all in a sudden i feel you are embracing always more tight.
My head is exploding, and my heart stop. 
It’s useless say you how much i feeling you here despite our damned distance
From when i woke, i feel your sweet embrace from behind.

I just can feel your whispers, and i know you hear my thoughts.
Everything this is something incredible. 
I had needed you, and all in a sudden here you are, almost to say me: “I’m here for you.”
My heart is going crazy, but maybe we both are going crazy.

By now,  our hearts are beating at unison, and this we know it you, and me.
By now, you are the only one i talk with freely, and this happens from five years, and you know it.
I close the eyes, and i even feel your perfume.
A small tear is falling from my face.

I had needed you, and you arrived.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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