“When we returned” – ♥20♥

Everybody was waiting for us on the meadow in front of the apartment, and each of them looked at us. 
We feeling that they had something to say, expecially Giant Wolf and Trusting-Jack.

In fact they made themselves ahead, and the first to talk has been Giant Wolf who started.
“We everybody, have feeling that strange push, when you were inside the apartment…”, while saying this he was looking at Trusting-Jack who seemed the most direct among the two: Giant Wolf was tangling himself, and he wasn’t able to continue his speech that flowing good in his head, but while the words were coming out were confused and they didn’t following a logical thread. 
We looked at him tender, i smiled him, and i stretched my hand to taken his big paw, he gave me it, and slowly he approached himself to me.

“What Giant Wolf wanted say you was that what we have feeling it has been a poweful thing, and all in a sudden, we have understood that we could not longer stay in the apartment. That place is just yours. Each one here has found an own place, and what we will do even us.
Inside the aparment there is your magic, and it’s just yours: we can’t invade a place magical like that. We have just glimpsed a couple of place around here, that they will be perfect.” 

For a long instant we looked at everybody present: a small sense of void has pervaded us, but they had right.
Fenkuz from far was looking the scene, and he was starting to sistemating his bush for the evening. 

They had taken the right decision, and in our deep we knew it.
“After what has happened before, for us, enter in the apartment, it would like to break something real magical. We have spent, already too much time inside there, and now it seeems that it has re-balanced all the balances. 
The apartament is where is born everything all this, and now it has need just of  both you, and nobody’ else.” said Giant Wolf looking at me with his small eyes, tightening my hand in his paw.

You was listening to everything they were saying us, meanwhile you looking at me: you was hearing my heart was beating strong.
Delicately you came close to me, and sweetly i felt your hand touching my hips.
For a second i closed the eyes, and i threw away the air from the lungs.
But as soon i saw the puppy who was illustrating to The Little One the new place of  where they would have sleep, and listening to them planning an escape plan from The Big One, i smiled, and slowly i nodded, and in a whisper: “We will miss you inside, but i understand what you want mean, and you will see, it will more beautiful for you and for your son.” 
Giant Wolf scratched his head, an dleft the place to Trusting-Jack who said us: “This place has hidden rules, we  just understand it, and we don’t want break them: that apartment is just your. Enjoy it in peace.”
Floating away, Trusting-Jack left us, like this. 

You was embracing me tight against your chest, and i tightening your arms against my belly.
I wanted feel you being part of me, when you have turned me, and delicately, almost without make any noise, we entered in the apartment.

Inside it was breathing still that floating atmosphere.
You was looking yourself around, taking my hand, and making me sweetly spinning, you have whispered: “We are alone..” pulling me toward you, and our faces touched, and almost uncosciously, we have started to dance a slow dance, while our glance were diving inside one in another.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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