“Without realize” – ♥19♥

Us, slowly, Fenkuz had made go away everybody from that new place, leaving us alone.
We still embraced one with another, and that place was speaking with us, and everything we were feeling, was still that slow dance among our souls.

That waterfall reminded us that white place in which we were been one of the first time we had take a glimpse of this wonderful place that was our world.

When we had threw away the air from the lungs, opening the eyes, we realized we remained alone. 
We looked at each other, and we taken ourselves for hands, and slowly, we have start to explore it.

We entered crossed an arc made of branches among rocks, and the waterfall was just in front of us.
To the left a little path from where we have reached the waterfall that was falling in a small lake: smallest than the lake next the Morgur Village, but always fascinating. 
Taking my belly, you have made me bow to taste the water. It was incredibly silky, and warm: i smiled you, and you gave me it back.
You remained fascinated just looking at me, and what i was feeling was crossing your mind, and all your being.

There the sun had some difficulties to arrive, but however, lifting the eyes to the sky, we could see the blue sky among the branches of the trees that were crossing themselves.
It was intimate place, and it was simple to hear our hearts beating, almost as if it was a sounding board.
The soft breeze that resounding there, were seemed our souls who whispering. 

As much it was touching, i couldn’t held back the tears, and you have dry me that tiny teardrop, caressing my face. 
“It’s so wonderful” i sighed looking at straight you in your eyes. You nodded approaching yourself to me. 
You holding me tight, among your arms, we continued the exploration.

With careful we arrived to the top of the small waterfall, and among little flat rocks, we have reached the right side: it was a wall of rock that falling straight inside the lake, and it covered all that part, and it seemed that it not take to nowhere, not even to the opposite side of the lake: we shyly smiled, and slowly we got back. 
We went down from the small top of the waterfall, and we have crossed again the path, to return down, but at half path, i whispered: “Let’s stop here for a moment.” 

I didn’t wanted immediately got back: there i could feel something ancestral that was talking to me, among the soft sound of the waterfall, the delicate breeze between the leafs, and our hearts that were gently beating at unison.
You have found a big tree trunk just a bit inside the path downhill, and we sat there.

From behind us some pale sun rays have managed to overcome the dense forest, and they were creating a further magical atmosphere, reflecting the rays on the rock wall in front of us, it seemed that those few rays, were diving in the lake, brighting that small enviroment.

Everything there, was talking to me, to us: it was enough to listening to each little shades.
It seenmed to hear the deepest words of our souls, merging with the soft breeze, and we were capable to decipher everything what was surrounding us.

Everything there seemed to have a different meaning from that one that we had always known: that deepest.
I looked at me around, i held back the breath for then threw it away, then i turned my face to you. 
You was looking at every shades of my glance, and you was  understanding better everything what you was feeling, because it was i was feeling it in those instants me too.

That gaze lasted for a long, and just when our hearts has staterd again to beat at unison, slowly we nodded, and we have taken the way of return.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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