“In front of the lake” – ♥18♥

As a flashback we have remember that day that day we had passed almost the day in the lakeshore without say a word, just admiring the what we had in front.
We were just exceeding what we were feeling. 
That slow dance among our souls, and that spiral was spreading slowly in  Our Parallel World: by now, everything made part of it.

We have lost the count, how many times we had threw away the air from the lungs, but more we were doing it, more we get us set free, and we could breathe that new atmosphere. 
I was sat on the opal rock, while you was embracing me the belly from behind, and you awas asking me: “Do you feel it?”
All that heavy weight, but at the same time light, was going away. 
Maybe that one was the latest time we had held back the breathe for then throw it away.

A blow of wind had crossed all the world, and it had rippled the lake bed, and the sound of the leafs of all trees hs resounded all around us.
Everything we had felt inside us, to slowest from fastest of emotion it was spreaded all around, and after that, we have hear a big crash, and then nothing more, not even a soft breeze.
Our hearts stopped, and we looked at us scared.

Bathuè has immediately arrived assuring himself we were ok, and with him we got back, where everyone waited for us.
They were worry, and everyone was looking at the shack over the bridge over the little river.
Others small noises came from there.
Everybody were going acrossing the bridge. 
As soon before to open the shack, another strong noise has made everybody jolt: it wasn’t inside the shack, but inside the woods next to it, and everything were moving inside, and a soft sound of falling water was increasing always more.

Crossed the woods, slowly a new wonderful scenario it placed itself in front of us.
Beyond the dark wood that we had always knew, it was hiding  that wonderful place was waiting for to born.
We remained breathless, and in a thread of voice we said everybody present: “It’s the same we were feeling: a slow flowing of our emotions”
“Those are your feelings” said Fenkuz with all firmness.
We stared him speechless.  He knew what he was talking about, and just when a couple of drops were falled on us, a rainbow it was tranformated over the sky.

“This is the most beautiful place i’ve been” said Giant Wolf, looking at himself around. 
Trusting-Jack explored that new place, floating ahead.
“Guys, you are magical. I never met two persons of which their love was so powerful. Look what you have done!” he said indicating everything around him.
We could not say a word, as much speechless we were. 

Everything around us, it was just friut of the great love we were feeling one for another.
We closed the eyes, while that soft sound of the waterfall was filling our ears.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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