“There were” – ♥17♥

Everybody there who were looking at us, and waiting for some words, but even us were disorentated more than them, also if  we have could know something more.
We were looking at Fenkuz, hoping he could said us what was really happened, but he remained in silence. 
Everything we had felt inside the apartment was still in the air, and slowly that blow of wind was opening another part of Our Parallel World still not discovered.

With our own words, we have tried to explain to our friends what we had feel, inside those four walls, alone.
But it was a sensation that was still flowing inside us, and we were still overwhelmed by that slow dance that our souls were accomplishing.
It was a sensations that little by little, even our furry friends, were slowly perceiving it.
Now even Fenkuz was feeling it, but just Bathuè, at the end, was the only to explain everything to everybody, included us.

“The Burn Valley has given back to you what you have given to it: a new energy, a new kind to feel love, and now you are absorbing it.” – “It’s like be dived in a liquid” you said meeting my glance: i just could nodded, and i added: “Our minds are more connected than before.” You have tightened me more. 

For a second i closed the eyes and i been transportated by what you was feeling in that moment, and what i was feeling, was the sweetest sensation that i ever felt from we were back.

Everybody were stunned by what they were seeing: they were staring us, but what we hadn’t realized that what they were seeing was our own light brighting from inside us.
Little One appraoched to us, and almost intimited, has stretched his paw to touch us, and sweetly has touched me, and he whispered ” You are more beautiful than before”, and remaind close to us. 

Our souls had exceeded another level of connection, and it seemed the our bodies weren’t capable to contain it, and that’s why we were feeling dive in a floating dimension.

You was embracing me tight, but slowly you came out from the apartment, and just when you putted in front of me, we both we have noticed that soft light that surrouding us.
We remained enchated by ourselves. Without say nothing, we said us how much we loved us, while that slow dance was still involving our souls. 
We threw away the air from the lungs, and now more aware of all that, we made us space between of our friends remained speechless. 

We weren’t to able to take us off that slow sensastion, but the only place that could help us, was the lake, so we have left everybody who little by little, has taken again their places.

Bathuè had taken again his patrol around the Parallel World, and he accompanied us til the opal rock next to the lakeshore.

In front of the water mirror, our hearts seemed got calm themselves.
We remained in silence.”


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