“We were” – ♥16♥

Surrounded by that new sensations: it seemed they were dancing with our souls in a slow dance. A dance that was involving all our senses, and a continuos melody resounding in the apartment. 
We were looking at each other, questioning us useless questions. We knew, we were increasing our love, and what we were feeling, slowly, it was reflecting on Our Parallel World.


We were able to eat few things. Our minds were in continuos connection, and we were overwhelmed by these feelings that made us feel like in middle in a sea of  emotions, and they tossed us around.

We shyly smiled, aware that finished everything, we would entered in one of the deepest part of our conscious, and we would have undertaken a new journey through our immense love.
“I’m shaking” i said you, and you came close to me, tightening me to you.
You taken me, and together we settled ourselves, there, in your corner, and we remained embraced in silence, while that slow dance was continuing among our souls and that spiral of sensations. 

You was tightening me strong against your chest. I  was getting calm me, listening to your heart, and your silky words.
You was telling me a story about a knight her princess, and their great love, when all in a sudden, our hearts, for a longest second stopped to beat. 
You have tightened me strongest. I whispered your name.
A long thrill was crossing us along the back; in front of us two ethereal silhouettes, were dancing occasionally merging one with another, in the middle to a soft light pink pastel cloud, for then explode inside, and leave fall a thin dust over us, and in all the apartment.
We looked at us stunned, and more than ever, now we were feeling our emotions expand themnselves inside us, like when a stone fall in the water, and it formatting those small circles.
We have sighed our names several times, as if we could loose ourselves, despite we embraced us tight.

Everything was changing, and we could perceive it.
We threw away the air fom the lungs, and we could feel that changing, slowly it was spreading in our world.

A blow of wind has crossed it, warning everybody. 
We still looked at each other straight. 
A teardrop has fallen from my face, while you was approaching to me for kiss me: now that was you that tranquilzed me, and i smiled you softly, while our hearts were beating strong.

“Is it everything ok over there?” someone outside was asking. It was Giant Wolf who was commissioned from the others.
Once again, we threw away all the air from the lungs, then you have replied that we would came out within short.

We had to undertand first what was really happened, but maybe the only capable to explain us what has happened, was Fenkuz.
Slowly we have opened the door, and we have peeped out.


You was embracing me from behind.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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