“Silently” – ♥15♥

We were looking at each other, while everyhting around us was illuminated itself by an a wonderful light: ours.
That kiss had left magic tracks, and it seemed that everything was floating.

Tha was the first morning we woke up ourselves again in our bed, and we were feeling as born again. 
In the apartament there was a unusual silence, and maybe, by now we no longer used to it.
In distance  only the voice of The Big One who was calling The Little One, who wanted to play with the puppy, but The Big One was intransiging, above all with him.

When we were back to looking at each other, and the silence of those four walls wrapped us, we have hear our heart  starting to beat slow at unison. We were just us, and those thoughts about Blue City, and the others small dimensions were fading.
Slowly our souls were emptying of everything, leaving space to the other emotions that slowly filling us.

We hadn’t still say nothing: we were doing it through our gazes, and it seemd that something fresh, and crystalline were entering inside us, and it was sweeping away everything.

Delicately, as if you had fear to break this atmosphere, you said me: “I go to prepare something to eat… I go and back.” 
“No, wait i come with you”. I  wanted stay with more time possible. If i was remained alone, i would felt die inside.
Without realizing we were acrossing another level, and now, stay together it was the most important thing.
I slided myself toward the edge of the bed, and you have taken my hand to get up me.
For a long minute, we remained one in front another in silence, while you was tightened both the hips, and i had both my hands on your chest, and our glances one inside another. 

At the same moments, we threw away a small part of the air from the lungs, and softly you said me: “Good morning”. 
I bited my lips, and my heart was going crazy, while our eletric shocks were delicatly crossing our minds.
When we have crossed the door of the bedroom, you taken me among your arms, and we went down.

In the aparment was reigning an absolute silence, and it was what we had really need: just few natural sounds were entering inside, and the fresh breeze was entering trough the big window, but what it was impressed us was that silence, and that one slow energy that was flowing inside us, cleaning body, mind, and soul, projecting ourselves in that new dimension of our love.

We were in the kitchen: me on the stool, in front at the table, while you got preparing the breakfast. 
That morning, each glance we shared it has been a journey inside the soul of the other, and our hearts was stopping itself for then start again  going crazy.

That morning we had breakfast, between one emotions another.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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