It’s from one

Hour that i feel our soft punch in the stomach, and now i starting to throw away the air from the lungs, as much i feel your closiness. 
I had to stop what i was doing to write my emotions. I close the eyes, and i feel your whisper, and your arms enveloping me from behind, and your arms pulling me against you. 
When i feel you like this, it’s like a tornado, and i’m sure you feel the same over there.
My head is exploding, my lump in the throat is closing, and everything around become  as we have imagined.
I feel your hands. You turning me around, and without say nothing, you approach to me.
Your hands on my hips are tightening me stronger. I start to shake inside. 
By now our connection is made by these intense moments of intimacy, when less you expect them, and our connection explode surround us.
Despite our real distance, our eletrick shocks are uniting us always more, and i feel you, and you feel me.
I just still can’t believe it, instead it’s like this from five years.
I love you.”



Listen to it⇓⇓

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