“The moon” – ♥14♥

Was high in the sky, and my soft breath seemed sorrounding all Our Parallel World, and you was proctecting me among your arms.
I was craddling me with your heart, and everything was creating a suspended atmosphere, almost every thing want stop, till my wake up, and in someway was like this.

You wasn’t able to close the eyes, like the earliest day  i slept in the apartment. 
We were back, but for you , it was a great emotion to stay there, and you believed still to dream, and you had fear to fell asleep, for then to discover that it was just illusion.

You was embracing me sweetly, while my hand was on your bare chest, and my head was lay on my hand.
My breathe enveloping yours, and it was a sort of dance, and all this was oone of the most beautiful show you assisted.

I heard your heart had soft small jolts, everytime you was feeling new emotions.
Unconsciously, I knew you was wake, and my breathe was more intense when those emotions were flowing inside you faster, and when eveything was lighter, my breathe was caressing you, while you gently threw away the air from the lungs.

It was passed long time, since when we had shared the first glance in the bar, and we had done a lot from that day, but your feeling toward me, each day was increasing, and sometime you thinking that your heart wasn’t capable to contain that immense feeling you had for me, and those night were made to make space to every new sensations i could make you feel, even only looking at me to sleep, and that night tightening me against your body,  you made me understand all this trough our eletric shocks: when i were receiving them, delicately i whispered your name, and i have kissed softly your bare chest. 
You wanted gave me back that kiss, but you knew to leave me rest.
How much you have would wanted to. 

Slowly, you laid me on the matress, and immediately after you did the same.
Face to face, you was looking at me sleeping, you have put your hand on my right hip, caressing me delicately that part of body, till arrive to my face.
You have moved away my hair, and sweetly you smiled, as much you was feeling united to me.

Slowly, you approached to me, and now or foreheads soflty were touching. 
Carressing my face, slowly, and delicately you leaned your lips on mine, and that sweet touch of lips was tranformated itself in one of the most incredible kiss we given ourselves.

Inside, and around us was spreaded a soft light. I opened the eyes, and slowly even the light of the sun was risen up  to the sky.
Everything was spinning around us. 
Our eyes dived themselves one straight another. and that soft heat we were feeling inside made us breathless.
“You don’t know, how much i love you” you said me, tightening me strong to you. 
 What you was feeling in those moments was one of the strong feeling, if not the strongest, that you was feeling in you life.
And was for me.



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