“The Burn Valley” – ♥12♥

It has left us breathless, and at the same time it gave us new oxygen.
We had forgot how much beatiful it was. We were feeling, in someways, it was speaking to us, and even the smallest breeze it was a big hug from that big mountain.

In that valley there were concetrated all our biggest emotions, and in the red small crystals were collected their energies that was protecting Our Paralel World. 
Despite after our spell, was bloomed again everything, the memories of  how we had found it, rechoed in the air, and that brownish burned color around, it wasn’t gone completely. 

Standing there, in front of it, it was like as if  we promise us again our love.
Everything was floating surround us, and we could feel it expand down in the valley to reach the majesty mountain.
Our hearts were beating soft, but it seemed that even that sweet sound resounding among the brownish rocks, and it seemed that the whole Burn Valley had an own heart, and it beating at unison with ours.

We were overwhelmed by some of the greatest emotions never felt  before, that we weren’t capable to pronounce not even a word. 
We knew, that we were feeling the same feeling just at same instants. 
I just couldn’t hold back the emotions.
I putted my hand on my mouth, while some tears fell from the face.

We looked at each other: your eyes were wet, while my emotions were escape trought those tears.
Delicately you taken my hand, and without say nothing, you made me understand to want to go down in the middle to the valley, closer to the mountain.
The montain itself was calling us. Even me, i felt it.

With all delicateness, you helped me to got up, and hand in hand, we went down from the little hill, and arriving in the middle of the valley, you wanted stop yourself, and as that day, you putted in front me to you, taking my hands in yours, looking at inside the eyes, saying us what we were feeling in those instants, the magic has happened again.

It was blooming everything again, and it was doing it trought our love, and the crystals were collecting our new feelings to canalize them inside for then spread that new flow in trough Our Parallel World. 
We were still in front one another, without speak, staring each other straight in our eyes.

Just our tight of hands, were revealing our emotional state in which we were fell. 
They were well tight, when our feelings were great, and were crossing our minds trought our eletric shocks.
In those instants, if we had left us the hands, even the smallest shade of a single sensations it would sucked us inside of it, and for sure, would not have find the way of return.  We were the anchor one of the other.


Slowly that great sensation inside, and around us, became lighter, and even our tight became softer, while from the great mountain was risen up a spiral that has embraced us. 
It seemed it thank us, for this gift we had done to it.

“Let’s remain, still a bit” i said.
We looked at each other, then slowly i dived myself in your chest, and sweetly you embraced me.

Our hearts beating at unison, and slowly were resounding in all the Burn Valley.”



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