“While” – ♥11♥

For a long instant, we remained in silence, our furry friends stared at us, and everything they were capable to catch was just a name, a place, and when the only has pronounced that name, almost whispering it, everybody, included us, have had a jolt.

We had saw it during our landing, and it was majestic more than we remembered it
“It’s the most beautiful place i’ve ever seen, since i’m here” continued Bathuè. ” I’ve prelustrated it in his each small corners. The crystals were doing their duty… The Burn Valley it’s the most magic place i’ve ever been.”

Listening to his words, we remained speechless, as if we hadn’t never visited it, instead in our minds were running all the moments we had lived there. 
You tightened me strong against your chest, and your breathes was enveloping me.

From our landing we hadn’t visited nothing of Our Parallel World, we had just overflown it, but now we wanted make our walks, in which we could, even lost ourselves: we wanted retraces our little steps, and to see that wonderful world.
We still looking at everybody stunned, and each time someone was saying something, we relived that or this moment, but it was the time to create new ones.

The soft sound of the little river was resounding, creating a further magical atmosphere. 
It was this that we had wished to hear from long time, and his flowing was entering in us, and it was set us free from all the residual bad thoughts, and the sensations that we were trying to threw away from all those chocking experiences.

Finished to have breakfast, we looked at everybody, and everybody presents, also the Giant Wolf and Trusting-Jack, has understood that we wanted walk alone: explore again our world.
Bathuè was about to accompanied us, he was stopped by Fenkuz said him: “They must to do it, alone”
Just with  small nod, we thanked Fenkuz.
We got up, and looking at our hands, slowly we have tightened them sweetly, and we have start our walk toward that place beyond the Morgur Village.

Everything remaining the same, was assuming new shades, and we were realizing, even by new perfumes that were surrounding us.
Our hearts has started to beat strong, when we were about to approach us to The Opal, that slowly it was opening itself, and her light was wrapping us. 
We remained in front of it, for long. It was takening something from us, and at the same time it was given us back something else.
We had forgot how much emotively strong it was stay in front of The Opal. 
The hearts were beating like crazies, and our eletric shocks were running fast cross our minds, and just when it closed, we have could to throw away  all the air from the lungs. 
We remained to stare it, still for a moment. We were been overwhelmed by a spiral in which were all our emotions from the begin till that moment, and it has collected all those new one, and slowly a chill has crossed us along the back.
We knew, it would be a great emotion, but we never imagined strong like this.

We looked at us, and we went ahead along that long, and narrow path, when we stopped for a second. 
We remained breathless. 
It was there immense, surrounded by the silence, that in someways resounding among the brownish rocks.
It was of an incredible beauty.

We settled ourselves over the little hill in front of it, and we looked at it without say a word. 
We embrtaced strong.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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