“On that blanket” – ♥10♥

For a second, we had relived one of the latest moments together with all our friends during that evening, when the sky was full of stars, and our laughs resounded in all the world till reaching the Burn Valley for then get back.

That evening we hadn’t know which future would have waiting for us.
But now eveybody, were listening to from the mighty voice of Giant Wolf, everything we had done from that day i was collected inside his camper to reach that strange silent city.

Your mind stopped to think, and for a long minute everybody, me included, looked at you, lost in your thoughts.
“I really thought to have lost you, when i woke me up, in that bedroom, alone” you said, almost whispering, turning your glance toward me.
And just in those glances, you said me more.
In those instants our eletric shocks were crossing our minds like this fast, and in them were the words that we wanted, only say to us.
I approached me to you, and sweetly i dived myself in your chest, as if i wanted give you my soul, and you tightened me strong.

As that evening ended silent, this morning has started with the laughs of The Little One who was chasing the puppy, and we everybody, had laughed with them, when were threw themselves on the only empty place of the enormous blanket breathless.

Pyr lifted his ears, and said us: “Bathuè is coming back”: for one second we looked at each other, and our hearts jumped in the throat.

He was the only who wasn’t get back from our landing.
In our minds, he was still a scared puppy, but what which we had saw, it was a slender figure, that slowly it was approaching to us, we have recognize as the little soft white with the wrinkled paws, Bathuè.

For him, it was unusual to see everybody, but just everybody, on the meadow chatting, but when he recognized us, he stopped, and his proud behavior has totally changed. 
He had found again, their saviours, their seconds parents, and he threw himself among my arms, while another great sensations were surrounding the the place in which were everybody, who had assisted the whole scene in silence. 
They knew it was important reunion: we had left him just few hours after that he was rescued: and now he had followed the footprints of his real parents: a valid scout, ready to fight if it were been necessary.

He said us, that had followed our every adventure, and as the others, he would wanted to help us in that latest damned bordeline of Blue City.
And at the end he said: “I have admired you so. You had faced up to Zora with all courage that i didn’t would have had.”
We looked at us, and slowly we threw away the air from the lungs, and at the end we smiled him.
Then with all the seriousely, he said to the Big One: “It’s all ok, tomorrow you can rest.” And, as if he had said something unthinkable, The Big One shaked his big head to say “You are crazy! No! There always something to do!”
After just a second, everybody present, has laughed aloud.
“With him it’s the same speech” said us Bathuè, who sweetly scratched his head, who blushed.

It was missing us, all this.
One by one we looked at them that with a slow nod got back our glance.”


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