“When we have” – ♥8♥

Opened the eyes the next morning, we didn’t still believed to be returned in Our Parallel World, but the shrill voice of The Little One, made us get back to the reality of the facts.
Everything was calm, and the sound of the nature was the sweet sound we hadn’t heard from an year a this part, and it seemed that our hearts beating was giving more strenght to everything.
It was beautiful wake up ourselves, and for a moment don’t think about the evil creatures who wanted destroy us.

What we had passed last night, it seemed had re balanced all the imbalances inside our little universe.
We remained in silence to stare at us, while our glances were speaking for us.
We were enveloped by a silky sensation, and we would remained in bed for the rest of the day, but our stomachs weren’t of the same opinion.
Slowly, we were regain the same rythm that we had before to leave that little paradise. 
In the air it was spreading a lavander perfume. For a second we have close the eyes, and inhaled that perfume.
It seemed that all our world it was full of it. 
It was our favorite flower, and it seemd that was bloomed during those long and passionate kisses we gave ourselves few hours ago.
We didn’t remember how much beautiful it was: to go at the rhythm of our hearts, of our emotions, letting us go even for a small sensations, and those sensations were visible trought our glances. 

Now, everything was turning around us, and not the contrary: now, even the smallest emotion could get wet our eyes, and got back us in time, and make us feel the very first emotions when our eyes crossed each other for the first time.

All what we were feeling in those instants, stunned us, but some strange noises from down, have wakening us from that strange muffled state in which were been fell.

We remained in silence to hear if we could listen something else. someone was looking for something in the kitchen, opening all the drawers, and making fall some flatware on bare floor, and right after some whispers. 
We had recognized them. I stared at you with wide eye open, and i sighed: “Is it possible?”, you shrugged, and slowly we got up, we settled  on the stairs, and we have hear their voices. They could not see us.
The kitchen was just under the flight of the stairs, and, only, at the end of the stair, whoever was up, it was visible.
They were Giant Wolf and Trusting-Jack who were looking for something to prepare to eat.
I looked at you, and sweetly i tightened you happy, happy that in  some strange way, they were been capable to reach with us, our world.

Slowly you got up, and sweetly you taken me in your arms, and without make them notice, we went down, and for a second we looked at them were speaking among them. 
I sweetly coughed, while my eyes got wet. They spinned themselves to us, and finally our glances met. 

My heart jumped in the throat as much moving i was, and i just could enlarge my arms for embrace both of them, while your shirt it was being pulled from the little puppy. He smiled you. You taken him embracing him.

Our emotions were surrounding them.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“In silence” -♥7♥

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