“In silence” -♥7♥

We entered, with all the sensations that were crossing our minds.
Inside the apartment, those emotions enveloped us as much, that we hadn’t noticed something: our hearts beating strong. 
We have gave a quick glance to the open space, but our thoughts were blurred by what we had heard, and now our big our desire was to go upstairs to lay ourselves in that big, and comfortable bed, that we hadn’t made the case that in you favorite corner something of big and fur was rest itself, and on the couch something it was floating.

We knew to perfection those square meters, that haven’t need to turned the light: just the light of the moon was illuminating sofltly the interior of the apartament. 
Altough it was the same apartament in which we were few hours ago, it had a great emotional impact on us
Now the buzzes of that last city were disappeared, and everything appaering calmer, and each sensations we were feeling it was reflecting itself on the apartment making bright of own light.

In front of the little stairs, silently you stopped me, as you did usually and you taken me between your arms, but this time it has meant something more. Everything was surrrounding us, and everything we were feeling were our feelings. While still you go upstairs, i kissed softly your lips, and when entered in the bedroom you laid me slowly on the matress, and delicately you gave me back it. 

That kiss… we didn’t know how much we have waited for to give us it: it seemed was passed an entire life. 
Our lips didn’t wanted take themselves off one from another.
From a soft touch of lips, it has became always more passionate. We didn’t made love, just we kissed us, but in that kiss it seemed that all whole Our Parallel Wold re born again, and a new soft light was risen up from our little jewels, and everything around us assumed an atmosphere more magical than wasn’t before, and even the smallest emotion, has become the bigger.
Our sensations were floating in the middle of our breathes, and just through our glances we could see how much great our love was, and from that gazes our hearts were filling of a new lymph to face up to anything else it would wanted break that magic that we had created in that exact moment in which our eyes met that evening in that bar.

In a whisper i said you: “How much i love you”, while a lump was closing my throat as much emotioned i was. 
We were back in Our Parallel World, and we were enchanted by our feeling amplified to the maximum. 
Delicately touching our faces, we shyly smiled us, and entering in the soul of the other, softly we fell asleep.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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