“All that”- ♥6♥

What Fenkuz said us it had a sense: Blue City and the last city with his greenish slimy creature were been hard tests to exceed.
We shyly smiled to everyone, but it seemed that it was something in suspended, and everyone knew it, just us.
Everybody were looking at Fenkuz who would wanted stop.

Then he threw away all the air from his little body, and he stared us seriously, and at the end, he gave up himself, and he said us: “Your universe is daily increasing; we noticing of that by little things around us. It could be that one day of these, without realizing, you will be throw in another city, in another small planet for fight another battle.
With the help of Kapi, The Big One, has drawn a stellar map with some planet that we have identified, but some of them are so far, and it could be that one day, your direct action will be demand, once again.” It seemed that last part for Fenkuz was the harderst to say us.

I had feel your hands tightened me stronger. This time i was that one who spoken: “We knew, that our love would have involved many forces outside of our will. This universe it’s the most important thing of our lives: we have defeated The Nothing, Zora and the greenish slimy creature: we will fight against anyone else will wanted to destroy what we have created. This is Our Parallel World, and noboby can’t take us it off.” I said it with such passion that everybody present were remained breathless, and i heard you sighed strong.

What we had unconsciously, created it was the most beautiful thing, and we have would fight till death to defend it: it what our hearts were saying us, beating strong at unison.

Slowly everybody approached to us nodding to what i said them:
Some tears fallen from my face, while you was tightening me from behind. 
“We love you much, and we will don’t permit that another Nothing or another Zora, will destroy all this” you added. 

Everybody has wanted be caressed by us: in that gesture we have confirmed our strong bond with that wonderful world, and his small creatures, 
Caressing one by one of the furry creatures, i noticed that one was missing.
Yes, it was missing the brave Bathuè.
Who answered to my question was been The Little One with his shrill voice: “He’s in reconnaissance of  the world, he is always ready to warn us of something wrong or something must be fixed.
Usually he find place to rest himself in the Burn Valley” then one of the Markùts added:” He became just like his parents, surely he will  have not noticed your landing: he will have find a good place inside the Burn Valley, he will back tomorrow”
We sighed nodding, and in those instants we had remember when we had rescued him, and now was our scout.

Some small changes were happened in our world, and we were looking at them in face: one year has been long, but fortunately we were back
Slowly the soft light of our crystals were rising up in the sky, and our tiredness was making itself hear: everybody had noticed that, and in silence, one by one, were leaving us. 
We remained a bit alone embraced, to reflect to all what we had listened, then you got up, and you opened the door of our apartment, and inside there was a surprise that waiting for us.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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“In silence” -♥7♥⇒

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