“We remained” – ♥5♥

Breatheless, and we have stared at him, then everybody approached to us closer.
“All this time?” you asked looking again Fenkuz, who slowly nodded.
“We knew that in Blue City it would been hard defeat Zora. We have follow each your steps from our small broken mirrors, and sometimes we had have the desire to come to help you, but it was a thing that you must had to do alone.
To restablish again the balance in our universe: it was you duty.” Fenkuz was telling us with all his wisdom and capacity to be heard, as if he was telling a magic story: but all our story it was magical.
“Even when we have relived the lives of the Dancing Souls?” i softly asked.
“Above all that. Absolutely! From them you have knew that your present love was drawn, already, in the past.
Everything doesn’t happen for case.
Your love, your lives were been broken from the moment, you Daria, was expelled from the village.
Living the lives of the Dancing Souls from the present, you have reunited that part of yourself that, in someways, you had lost.” explained Fenkuz.
He continued: ” You have reconciled the past, and you have threw back them in the future with you. Now the past will can not be divide from the present, and it will accompany you in the future. Now, they are being part of you, and you are being part of them, and nobody can’t no longer broke this bond among you.”

We had alot of questions to make him, but everything slowly, was surfacing, and the questions, little by little, were became useless.
“When the first time you have shared your glances this world: your world, has crashed with the real one, but in that crashes, small pieces were disappeared, but not entirely. The force of your Parallel World has kept them back, but they have had the force to create universes apart, with diffferents rules.
But just when the Dancing Souls has met you, and together, you have accomplished that journey, you gained that strength, to face up to all what you have faced up to.”

And while he was explaining us everything, were crossing our minds:  from the damned borderlines of Blue City to the manhole above the sewers of Zora, that strange silent city, and our different travels for then meet us again in that street next to the see: you on that white bench with your friends: Abe, Amber, the blue mailbox, and me, fainted on that street and Giant Wolf his son, and his camper, and the lastest city and their strange inhabitants, and above all him: Trusting-Jack.

Everything was still so vivid in our minds.
We were missing everyone of our new friends, but for sure, we didn’t wanted got back there to solve others small mysteries.

Fenkuz, wasn’t able to read the mind, but he had catched each fade of our expressions, and he intuited everything, and looking at everybody, who slowly were nodding, knowing what he was about to say. 
“When the Dancing Souls were been reunited with you, all the balances of this universe were been rebalanced, at to begin  from this one 
When you defeated The Nothing, the process of healing, has begun, but places, as Blue City first, the silent city then, and the last one, has had some of stronger followers of the Nothing, and they have needed of your direct action.
And that’s why you been out one year”, he concluded, looking at us who were speechless.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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