“When” – ♥4♥

The Little One has noticed us, and has started to manifest his joy running to us, repeating “They are back, they are back!”, everyone had opened the eyes to see what it was really happened.
Fenkuz, who had as soon finished to sistemate at better the bush was the most asleep, and he was rubbing his small eyes, and when he had see us he has smiled us, and it was like if we were back from a walk of few minutes around Our Parallel World, but however he approached himself to us
We knew, with him it was enough a gaze to express what we were feeling in those instants.
He had still his magic little leather bag around his hips, and he was starting to look for something inside. 
Our hearts were beating strong.

The guardian of Our Parallel World, were arriving from their place, and their white fur was more beautiful than we had remembered it: it seemed floating as much soft it was. They were the most candid creatures that we had seen, and their fur were grow up, and more the Markùts were approached to us, we have noticed that their glances were became more mature. They were two white furry creatures of an increbile beauty. 

When we landed we hadn’t noticed these small, but enormous changes. 
We were just breathless, because we were back in the place in which we would wanted be in absolute, and just now we were noticing about that.
Just when The Little One has arrived, running to us, he threw between my arms, my heart exploded totally, and i could not hold back the tears. He was embracing me tight giving me warheads, as much happy he was to see us again. You was carressing him, and his fur becoming softer and brighter, as we had remembered.

Everything was assuming a floating atmosphere. 
Everybody, including us, seemed waiting something, but that something it seemed it must start from us.
You had it on tip of the tongue, from the instant we had croseed the Fenkuz’ gaze.

Slowly you asked:” How long we were been out from the Parallel World?”
We threw away the air from the lungs, while we tightened us the hands. 
There was been a long pause.
We knew,  just Fenkuz knew the answer. 
Pulling out something from his little leather bag, he approached to us, and made see us two small things that we, immediately have recognized.

“I kept them for when you would back” he said giving me the most tiny and to you the bigger.
They were the ring you had  gave me, and the tiny opal you had on your neck, before to leave Our Parallel World. 
Immediately, all beautiful memories have crossed our minds, and without thinking about, with all delicateness you have put your ring again on my finger, and i did the same with the pendant, and right after two soft lights came out from the jeweles, and rising in the air, slowly were merged one another, then almost in a sigh, Fenkuz answered to your question.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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