“We were” – ♥3♥

Sweetly embracing us still surprising, where were landed.
We knew, that as soon we had crossed that door, we would enter in our apartment, where everything it was as we had left it.
We wanted to taste that magical atmosphere, that we had forget. 

We looking at us around, and in silent, we sat down on that little stair, that almost we had forget to be our meeting point with all our dearest furry friends, who we knew stay at their places: we had noticed some noises accompanied from some grumbling from the big bush in front of the entrance of the apartment, and by chance, we had noticed a grey paw came out for then immediately after got inside of it: Fenkuz. As soon we had see it, we loooked at each other, and our eyes got illuminated. 
A bit distant from his bush, was there Pyr, who was breathing the air: he was feeling something new, but he handn’t understood what was about. 
We were been out from that world from a long time, that he wasn’t got used to recognize us just with his senses: he was sleeping, but he had his ears in warning. We could see his ears in slow movement. 
We were on the small stair, just our breathes could moves the surrounding air, and they were soft breathes.
You was sat behind me, with the legs that making me by armrest, and you was whispering me how much happy you was to be returned in that place, while you enveloping my belly.

The sound of the little river to our right, it was calming, and it was like his flowing was entering inside us, and for long instant, we stared the moon light reflecting itself inside of it, and everything became brighter. 
The Markùts were sleeping to the begin of the lttle bridge that it was condcting to the shack isolated in that big piece of green, next to the borderline, marked by the wood.
We were looking everything with careful, for remember each sensations we had feeling in each small angle of Our Parallel World.
Little by little, we have stretched the glance toward the lake, and that opal rock wa still there. 
In our mind crossed the many times we had spent our moments in front of the shore, and for the first our magical bubble has surrounded us, letting to make love without nobody could see us.

Both we threw away the air from the lungs, while your hands tightening me to you.
Slowly i leaned the head to your chest: our small breathes were merging with the soft breeze, and they were spreading in the air.
Our body and souls were connecting again with that magical place, and he was making the same with us.
Lifting the glance, we glimpsed also Kapi between one branch of the big tree in front our apartment. 
He was more imponent than we rembembered him. 

Our glances were attracted by that soft light, always turned on among the huts of the Morgur Village. 
That light was always been a lighthouse for us and for the entire world itself.
It was remained the same, and the light seemed brighter, even for this light game with the clear brownish color of the ground. 
And that night, the light inside the village, seemed brighter than we remembered it in the past; or was it just impression?
However the inhabitants were wake up from the younger, who pawing among the others two, who were questioning themselves on what is happening.

Slowly our presence made noticed, and when they has realized that the soft light above the entrance was on, they came, while The Little One has ran faster than he could screaming:” They are back!” waking everyone up.
And when we had realized that, we threw away all the air from the lungs, tightening us more one another, seeing them arriving.”



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