“What we” – ♥2♥

Were seeing it was the latest thing the we could imagine to see in that moment. 
You tightened me strong. In your tight i could feel your wonder.
Me, i was shaking, and my heart jumped in the throat, and in those seconds i wasn’t capabable to swallow: i believed to be in a dream, but i was, already inside of it, since it has begun all this wonderful adventure, there at the bar of Philip. 

I spinned myself to see better, and slowly you embraced me from behind. 
It was as like we remembered it. 
In those seconds our eletric shocks were increasing, and in our minds there was a storm of emotions that were chasing each other, and in someways, we looking for to got calm us, but it was impossible. 

Inside our opal bubble, slowly, we were overflying  all her greatness, and it was like we never had left it. We remembered each things, but above all her peace, that kindly was entering again in us, as if it wanted give us his welcome. 

Everything was calm, the evening was as soon went down, and the moon was up in the most beautiful starry sky, we had seen, and stars were accomplishing their fast, but silent running, playing with a moltitude of shades of colors, realizing a slow boreal light.
My eyes got wet: i didn’t remebered how much suggestive was everything this, and i tightened much more the arms around me, as if i wanted a confirmation, and immediately you sighed me in an ear: “It’s everything true”. 
I threw away all the air from lungs, and i turned the face to you, who sweetly smiled me, and sweetly you kissed me.
That kiss got calmed all my senses that were about to going crazy

Silently we were acrossing it, and among the stars in the sky, we confusing ourselves, but in the air was breathing something special, and little by little, one by one had realized that was about to happen, above all him who was  came out from his small hut, and looked up.
The sky that night it was presenting itself strange.
Those boreal lights were hiding something, and something was moving itself next to the bordeline woods, inside that enormous tree.
Our hearts were beating always stronger. 
We were about to land. 

When we have seen her, our hearts stopped. It was there, where we had left it: the moon light it was reflecting itself on it, making it brighter than we remembered it: it was always there, after the little bridge over the little river, and they there were sleeping: always one to the opposite side to another.
It was like, we hadn’t ever left that place: it was remained the same, and this, has tranquilized us.

Delicately, our opal bubble landed in front of that enormous tree, making slide us outside, rising right after to the sky, mixing itself with the other stars. 

Remaining in silence, we spinned us. We held back the air. 
The scenario, with his buzzes, it was the same:  we remebembered it. 
Embracing me from behind, you whispered: “We are at home.”

We were back in Our Parallel World.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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