“In someways” – ♥1♥

Sorrounded by that opalescent light. we knew that we were leaving that city, where had met the same places, the same local, and the same small angle in which time ago, we had met us, but in a different time.
Everything around us disappeared, and just one color was embracing us: that opal.
Our hearts were beating strong, because it was a color full of meaning, and wonderful thoughts.
Little by little became an internal journey, where our souls were dancing with memories, and new sensations were merging with the old ones.
You, still was tightening me my hips, and i had my hand on you chest, and everything was flowing from outside to inside us, and all in a sudden, everything went slow, as if the time it was stopped, and with just our love, we made to goes on, everything.
If someone had take a glimpse inside that bubble, it have wouldn’t see nothing, just us embraced, but there was more than our embrace: a continuos share of emotions: memories that were crossing with our eletric shocks, small sighes, glances that were looking at the future. We were remembering all the creatures and person who we had lost in all those city that we had visited. 
I had said goodbye for the umpteenth time to the agonizing tree in Blue City, and you was thinking to the wise Abe and to sweet Amber, and to all creatures we had met in that two latest city. 
When we found us inside that opal bubble, we had left Trusting-Jack, The Giant Wolf and his little puppy inside our apartment sleeping.
We looked at us, and at the same instants, we threw away all the air from the lungs, thinking to the same thing: we have would meet them again?
This journey that we were accomplishing together, we didn’t knew where it have would take us.
Which adventure we have would must to face up: we just knew that inside that bubble we were feeling many emotions, and sometimes we weren’t capable to hold back some tears that came from our deep deepest. 
We were aware to travel toward a ignote place, but we weren’t feeling any movements, but inside us, something was pushing us in ahead. 
Inside your eyes i could see that sparkle, that everytime made me trumble. 
It was a tiny light, but it was able to illuminate my soul.
For all the rest of that journey, we remained to stare us. Just our soft breathes made us understand how much great our love was, and our delicate touches made us feel always more connect, and everything we were feeling it was reflecting in the bubble.
This made us remember the Opal in Our Parallel World, and all that opalescent light, didn’t made feel us lost us, on the contrary, we knew we were inside  one the most safe place.
When at a certain point, a small portion of the of the bubble it was clearing itself from that milky light, and we have seen where we were about to land.
The emotions overhanged us: for  a minute, we remained breathless.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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