“We are still” – ♥♥ – prologue

In that bubble. Our emotions are enveloping us inside and outside, almost they are chok us.
Everything has starting to move, but it seems that re starting to move fast: too fast. 
Inside there, it seems we are protected by everything.
Our breathes, are sweet caresses, the blinding sunlight seems a soft veil that covered our small bubble, but it seems that is able to pierce our souls like one blade. 
This soft opalescent light is something magic. 
You are tightening me my hips, looking at straight my eyes. I softly stretch the hand for touch your face.
Slowly, we are touching and little by little we are understand that our souls are elevating to another level. 
Outside the bubble, for as much, evrything goes fast, everything seems stop.
Like Laguz everything is flowing inside us, and it seems everything is restarting from us.
Our emotions are overhangs us .

Looking at me, you are questioning me: “What’s happening?”
I just can throw away soflty the air from the lungs.
I don’t reply you: i just close the eyes, while i feel your hands are tightening me my hips stronger.
I know, your eyes are set on me. Slowly i re open them, throwing away all the air in the body. 
Each part of us are connect: body and soul. the eletric shocks slowly are crossing our minds, and now it enough make flow our sensations one in another like a sweet spiral, 
Slowly, each thing is around us is become part  of us, and we are become part of them.
Delicately, you pull me to you, and just when i softly put my hand on your chest, that magic sensation leave us breathless while our lips touch themselves, that opalescent soft light embrace us from inside.
We kiss us again and again, and again.
This flowing make our heart beat strong: our breathe get slow, but it’s just the right dose of oxygen of which we need.
The place in which we are, is disappearing between the opalescent light and everything what we are listening is the flowing of our emotions inside us.



Listen to it ⇓⇓


“In someways” – ♥1♥⇒


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