My heart

Is beating strong, and that warm sensation is growing up inside me. 
I close the eyes, and i’m throw away the air from the lungs, just to the idea that very soon we will come back to Our Parallel World.
I inhale the air and around me i can perceive the perfume of your leather jacket. It’s making me going crazy, and i questioning myself:”How is it possible?”
In meanwhile our eletric shocks crossing our minds, and in just one second, we are connect. 
It enough that one of us think  to the other, and the magic is done.
Here it is, the soft punch in the stomach, and all the magic of your sweet embrace overhangs me.

My soul is dancing, and slow our souls are meeting in this twirl, while the eletric shocks are sweetly increasing: one after another, and in one ignote point of Our Parallel World, we are meeting.
Our magical stones are always close to us, and they say us, always more, that what we are feeling it’s something tangible inside us.

It will arrive the day we will met us, and when it will happen, among the chaos of the people, everything will stop, and slowly, we will enter in our cristalline bubble, and there, we will staring us, whispering our names, and slowly we will approach us one another.
We will stretching the hands, till to touch them: we will softly touch the fingers, one at time, and delicately we will cross them, till to feel our skin. 
We will remain to stare them speechless, and delicately, we will lift our faces, til our eyes will dives one inside another, while we will don’t be able to hold back our emotions.

Everything will floating, when we will approach one another, and sweetly you will taking my hips, you will look at me, and you will whisper: “You are here”. I will delicately throw away the air from the lungs, and i will simply nod, while everything it will slowly restart to move, while we will remain in our magical bubble to stare us, while our souls will continue to merging, one another.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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