Like Laguz

Mine emotions are flowing inside me, and like inside a twirl, they shaking me. 
They are strong, and before to write another double number it showed itself, and Laguz it’s there: it’s the only Rune i can see now in the darkness of this room, and it saying me what i’m feeling it’s real.
Looking at you, like this, i can perceive something thin that little by little it’s enlarging, like an invisible umbilical cord that getting unite us each day much more
I’m staring Laguz and everything flow like a river, and slowly flowing into you.
My heart is sweetly beating strong.
Like in a spell, eveything enclosings itself inside a bubble, and our souls is touching. 
I can just look at you, here in front of me, who dry me that falling teardrop, whispering: “It’s all ok”
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and in a sigh i ask: “Is it like this, that it must be feel us when we are reaching the point of no return?” When all the signals are taking us toward that instant, in which we will realize that everything what have felt till now isn’t  just a craziness, but just a slow approaching to the awareness of all that. 
We travelled on parallel lanes, and now those lanes are about to cross, and what we are feeling is the flowing of our emotions inside us that, slowly, will exploding, and they will make us understand what are we, one for another.
And now another Rune entered in play. Perth, and inside of it there is our destiny together.
Our heart beats at unison. Slowly our eletric shocks are crossing our minds, and i feeling your embrace, and your sweet words are filling my soul.
I just can throw away the air from the lungs, and just now i comprhend much more our connection.
Here it is… just few sweet eletric shocks, and you tweeted.
I believe no longer to the coincidences.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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