Interlude – 31th open letter to Luke

Here i’m again to explain another time what i’m feeling inside me.
During these five years, i’ve attempted many time to explain it, but just with the words, it’s very hard. 
Now i can’t say if it’s born by chance, or it was just drawn in the big universe, but more i goes on, more i’m conviced that nothing born by chance, not even what i’m feeling, and i’m not a crazy if i can affirm that since that night of five years ago, something big, it got connected us, and this connection it is increasing each day is pass, and what i define “our eletric shocks”, it’s something real.
Five years ago, the first times that was happening, i believed it were just coincidences, but more happening, more i conviced myself that something it was happening among us.
How many times i said it to you, i have no idea.
What i feel when i feel your closiness, like in these instants, born from the stomach, and it envelope me like a soft and silky sensation, till arrive to the head, crossing the heart making beat like a crazy, and when i feel our eletric shocks crossing my mind, it’s like a sort of communication of souls.
How many times i told you since i was a child i believed to be a witch? Many, and in someways i believe to be.
I always believed in magic, and i surrounded me always by magical stuff.
And from five years my perceptions were grew up much, and they, always have had to deal with you.
I told you, many times i had jolt, when i saw the first time your shack in an your instagram picture, when in reality, i saw it in dream much time before, and i knew you knew sing, before, to have the confirmation months after.
It has been in that period that i started to conviced myself that it was born something strong among us.
It never happened me something similar before.
And lately,  it is developed in something bigger. 
In addition of what i feel, when i feel your closiness, when our souls are in communication, are appeared, also, the double numbers that in someways, they are connected to the twin flames.
To the begin, i didn’t wanted believed them, but when i read what it feels when someone finds the twin flame, i hadn’t wanted believe it. 
But are the same sensations i describe when i feel your closiness: the soft punch in the stomach, the light sensation of an embrace, the lump in the throat, the heart beating strong, and those soft eletric shocks that cross the mind, and when i feel all them so strong, i can just think that, even you, are feeling them too, and in someways, we are in communication, and everything is happening from five years.
And now, with a teardrop that is collecting all my emotions, i ask you: “Are you mine?”


Listen to it⇓⇓

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